How To Get A Job in Google, Facebook, Amazon After MBA in India

We are living in a time where getting a job is a herculean, difficult, and in a way monotonous as well as a demotivating task. The hope is swinging till the time you do not get the job. There are several questions popping up every single minute, questioning your skills and life actions so far, but it all proves to be worth it when you finally land that dream job. But why cross so many tectonic emotional hurdles; avoid this luggage of negative confusion as we here list top 10 tips that can assist you in landing a job in mammoth companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

How To Get A Job in Google, Facebook, Amazon After MBA in India

Get the “qualitative” working experience and not the “qualitative”: 

Companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon are build by thinkers and not scorers so these companies recognize the quality of experience. Make sure the experience you are going to put on your resume, is worth been questioned!

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Get that coding skills expertise and not “just” the certification: 

Giant companies like Google knows the truth behind the codes. Build something of your own, out of the ordinary that can be an evidence of your dedication and not just certification push. HRs recognize the efforts done out of the box to come across the table with them. Run that extra mile.

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Avoid the direct route of “posting on company’s website” and go through the referrals, internship and campus recruitment process: 

Applying through any of the modes apart from the direct website submission will help you cross two stages byself. Prefer campus recruitments, as screening is much simpler and countable, find that internal link who can be your voice inside the office already and the best is occupy an internship seat within these companies. The best way to enter by far is the internship module.

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Make friends with a direct Google/Amazon/Facebook recruiter: 

LinkedIn is the most popular portal that can make you reach out to any of the biggies in the industry, the best part is that they will listen. Mail the recruiters your resume after having a conversation with them. This will help you get that extra edge of support and recognition and acknowledgment.

Become that “T-shaped” person: 

Facebook, Google, and Amazon specifically have an eye for the T-shaped person who are robustly skilled in “that” one specific skill. Instead of loading yourself with random experience from this company to that company, sit, work hard and develop that one skill of yours that sets you apart. Chances are that you will book the special attention of the recruiters that you deserve.

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Avoid writing down your GPA on the resume: 

When you write down your GPA, you are giving chance to the recruiters to either judge you too much (in case of high GPA) or develop a perception that can lead to quick rejection ( in case of less GPA). Since GPA is just a number and would never ever in years grade your dedication and talents, the right thing to do is to scratch that doubtful number off your resume. Impress them with your confidence, experience, and devotion.

Don’t apply straight after graduation:

In case you were not campus recruited, then, instead of jumping the gun, refine your skills and work for a startup or an entrepreneur. Startups today provide that extra edge you need to get into any of these big shot companies. Learn, fail, learn again and then continue the process for at least three years till the time you are confident about your experience and expertise as well. If you apply straight after your college then the GPA on your sheet will put you on a tough spot, in every way, either good or bad.

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Juice up your resume with extracurricular activities and accomplishments: 

This might not be important in your schooling days but will be when it comes to strategic companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. If you are applying from the campus or straight after college then one singular thing apart from your internship experience that can back up the chances of your selection is extra-curricular activities. The more debates you have won, the more scores you have attained for your soccer team, will help you get the eye of the recruiter. Recruiters never like a straight focused person, which both your high or low GPA can speak out.

Develop that track record of “open source projects”: 

Until and unless you have an outstanding track record of contribution towards an “open source project” then chances of yours getting inside that glittery office are pretty slim. Get some impressive projects under your belt and that judgemental GPA of yours will get neglected.

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Show some passion in your work:

It is difficult to do this till the time you have no experience but still, you have to represent some extraordinary passion in your interview apart from that regular line “I love your company’s work”. Run an extra mile and get noticed with your extraordinary energy that can help you make a huge difference.

Getting a job is also not that hard if you have your skills, dedication, and concentration all at one single place. Strive, learn and keep exploring till the time you get that dream job. Keep reading and thriving!! 
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How a Healthy Resume Should Look? The Do's and Don't Of CV

CV/Curriculum Vitae or popularly known as a resume is a self-portrayed picture about our past works in front of the recruiters. What they (recruiters) see and what they interpret is entirely dependent on the kind of words you write on the resume. No matter how strong your experience is and how perfect your communication skills are, a badly written resume can show you the exit. 

The information in this article is curated from best pieces of advice detailed by highly skilled recruiters. Have a look, as it can transform your odds. 

Order your Curriculum Vitae:

Represent your information in a way that the recruiters don’t have to make efforts to find the details that they need. Here’s an order for a quick reference: 
  1. Contact details
  2. Opening statement 
  3. Career overview
  4. Key Skills
  5. List of software and technical skills
  6. Personal attributes
  7. Educational qualifications
  8. Employment history/work placements /volunteering
  9. References/referees
The most important thing is to get the mandatory details in front of the recruiter first as these examples of information will decide your future of the interview. However, it is not a stone rule to follow this order, you can arrange it according to your exposure as well. 

Tailor your curriculum vitae:

As per Tauseef Alam, a renowned education expert and CEO of DistanceEducation360.Com, To make a great deal out of your resume, you must customize your resume and link it with relevant links which will generate trust in the recruiter. Here are few points that you can get inspired from:
  1. In the opening statement instead of using generic paragraphs like “My purest intentions lie in the advancement of my efforts towards creating future benefits for the company”  use your experience and link it with your education that backed you up in getting that smart exposure. 
  2. Listing only the relevant skills first. Avoid noting down skills that are more obvious and doesn’t require any space in your CV, examples of which are: Perfect communication skills, understanding of Microsoft Office, Creative skills, Administration skills and more. Instead highlight your skills that you gained after clearing certification exams like CCNA, CCIE (Cisco Certifications) and others in a relative of the same or any other skills that was awarded by your previous company. Mentioning of such skills validates you as an employee who is willing to learn in the due course of his/her experience with the company. 
  3. Put a spotlight (in bold) of your skills that match the advertised criteria of the company for which you are applying.  
  4. Use attractive keywords and phrases that many job portals are automated to shortlist, examples are: Jobs, Activities, Qualifications, Software, Tools, Skills, Certifications, Training, and Technical. 
Good places to add these keywords are: 
  • Your opening statement. 
  • Your educational history.
  • Your employment history. 
  • Your list of key skills. 
Since now you are aware of what all TO BE put in your Curriculum Vitae, let’s have a look at what NOT TO put in your Curriculum Vitae:

Here’s a list of what not to put into your Curriculum Vitae: 

Private Information:

Many recruiters believe that including Private information can fade their interest as too much of information that is not required can irritate the conversation ahead, like: 
  • Your gender
  • Your birthdate
  • Your address
  • Your health status
  • Your disabilities or other ailments- Inclusion of this might can appear to be asking for a sympathetic advantage. 

Images and Graphics:

Many recruiters believe that having an image of the candidate on the paper can be irrelevantly distractful and equally judgmental. More, including graphics, can make job portals or software confused, further creating a problem in shortlisting your profile. 

Avoid Fancy Formatting: 

Another basic issue of having a Curriculum Vitae rubbished from a recruiter is fancy formatting. For example, many fresher or even professionals choose their choice of fonts like Comic Sans, which provokes an impression of immaturity and unprofessionalism. You must choose professional fonts like Cambria, Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial. These fonts are shortlisted by top-notch recruiters as they signify professionalism in a candidate’s profile. 

Including information in the tabular format: 

Another lesser known fact about bad Curriculum Vitae is information stored in a tabular format. Many recruiters have mentioned in their articles and interviews that they prefer details displayed in a list format as they are an ease to their minds and assist them making a decision quickly. A tabular format in Curriculum Vitae makes a recruiter struggle to find information. Use simple formatting and list your information in columns with line breaks; they are easier to understand and relate. 

No PDF formats: 

This is more applicable for technical assistance. Many job portals and software are unable to track CVs disclosed in a pdf version. Upload your resume in a doc format and send it to recruiters in the same format as well. 

Avoid using Header and Footer in the Curriculum Vitae:

Many professionals and even freshers enclose their name and address in the header and footer of the Curriculum Vitae. This is an annoying addition that can look irrelevant and more needy. If a recruiter is interested in the profile then he/she will find your credentials on the paper mentioned. Avoid using header and footer displaying your present company as well as it embarks a negative impression on the recruiter as he/she might question your intentions of applying.

A doc with errors:

Microsoft word enabled documents can display some errors and depend upon its version; there can be a possibility of few red lines in your file that might have gone neglected. Proofread and make sure you send the most updated yet compatible version of your Curriculum Vitae without any factual as well as grammatical errors in it. 

The Bottom Line:

A healthy CV is a reflection of your whole life accomplishments. It has to be perfect, it has to be clean, it has to be impressionable and last, it has to be honest. Your hard work of years should be detailed in the best, logical and dignified format. Work hard, stay dedicated and keep growing! 
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Best 17 MBA Distance Education in India 2018 By Top Universities

Almost all the universities that offer a distance MBA in India claim that their MBA degree program is the best and this creates further confusion among the students that which university to choose.

If you’re one of the students who is looking for the best university in India for distance education MBA in 2018, then this article is for you.

In this article, we will mention the top 20 universities in India that you can consider for pursuing your MBA degree program in distance education or online education mode. These universities do offer an MBA or PGDM course to students.

We also time to time publish ranking reports of top MBA universities in India. Even we cover awards & recognition news published across the internet such as DNA Indus-Learning Survey to help you find the Best MBA distance learning course.

An MBA degree is boon for working professionals if it is done from the right institution.

The increasing demand for skilled employees has increased the demand of these courses in India. All popular university in India nowadays offering various distance learning programs & those who are not providing are joining this bandwagon.

MBA distance learning India

When someone thought of doing an Online MBA or Correspondence MBA degree program in India, the first few names that come to our mind are IGNOU, ICFAI, Symbiosis, Annamalai University, and Sikkim Manipal University.

No doubt all of those universities are renowned & best in providing management degree programs but there are many other universities & institutions that also offer world-class management programs through online & study center mode.

Top 17 Universities in India For MBA Distance Education

Indira Gandhi National University (IGNOU)

As we all know, Indira Gandhi National University is world’s largest Open University in terms of the number of students enrolled.

IGNOU was founded in the year 1985 & currently serving more than 35 lakhs students worldwide.

It’s PAN India reach & study centers in abroad makes it the perfect choice for doing a correspondence MBA program.

IGNOU offers 175 academic programs comprising 1100 courses at certificate, diploma and degree levels including diploma, degree & Ph.D. programmes in management.

IGNOU MBA is one of the most popular management degree programmes in India.

There is no age bar to join the distance MBA course offered by IGNOU.

The minimum duration to complete the course is 2.5 years.

You must be a graduate with at least 50% marks (general category) and 45% (reserved category) and 3 years managerial/supervisory/professional experience to be eligible for the course.

Students are also required to clear OPENMAT exam before they can join MBA programme from IGNOU.


ICFAI is a UGC-DEB recognized university offers 2 years distance education Master of Business Administration (MBA) course.

The MBA Program offered by ICFAI University is essentially based on self-study and examinations. Students may also participate in workshops & contact classes which are optional.

The university offers total 16 specializations to choose from. The specializations are: Marketing, HR, Strategic Finance, Finance, Hospital Administration, Risk Management, Operations, International Business, Retail Management, Global Markets, Pharma Management, IT & Systems, Healthcare Management, Innovation Management, Investment Management, and Telecom Management.

The university offers convenient examination schedule to students and takes new admissions 4 times in a year.

You must be a graduate before you can apply for ICFAI Distance MBA programme.

Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL)

Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning is one of the popular institutions in India that offer distance learning courses.

SCDL offers postgraduate diploma, diploma & certificate courses in management under the distance learning mode.

SCDL has won many awards and it is continuously ranking among the top 5 institutions in India for distance learning management courses.

The 2 year PGDBA course offered by SCDL is the most popular course offered by the institution.

There are total six specializations available i.e Marketing, HR, Operations, Finance, Customer Relationship Management and Management Accounting. You can choose any one of them as per your interest. Dual specialization is also available for students at an additional fee.

You should be a graduate from a recognized university to be eligible for this course.

Students also get the placement assistance after completing their course.

Since SCDL is not a university, it doesn’t offer a degree course.

Institute of Management & Technology Centre for Distance Learning (IMT-CDL)

Institute of Management & Technology (IMT) is among the top business schools in India.

The institute is located in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. IMT offers its distance education programmes in the field of management and information technology under IMT-CDL.

The institute has been ranked No.1 by various magazines & news channels including DNA, Outlook, Competition Success Review, Zee News, Hindustan Times and others.

The distance learning courses offered by IMT-CDL are recognised by UGB-DEB.

IMT-CDL offers 2-year PGDM (MBA) in the field of management with specializations that are Finance, Operations, Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Information Systems.

Sikkim Manipal University (SMU-DE)

SMU-DE is ISO 9001: 2000 certified university that offers distance education programmes in many disciplines including management.

All programmes offered by Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education are recognized UGC-DEB .

SMU-DE offers education through EduNxt, which is an award-winning learning delivery system. It also offers a scholarship to 1500 meritorious students every year.

The distance education MBA programme offered by SMU-DE is a 2 year degree course which is further divided into 4 semesters.

The MBA course comes with 4 specializations to choose from i.e Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Information Systems Management, and Finance Management.

You must be a graduate from a recognized university to be eligible for this course. Students are also required to clear an entrance test before they can join the distance MBA course offered by Sikkim Manipal University.

Annamalai University

Annamalai University is more than 80 years old university based in Tamil Nadu, India.

It is known for its diversified portfolio of programs under distance learning mode. There are total 500 courses that Annamalai University offers under the distance education mode.

Annamalai University offers 2 years MBA Degree programme, which is a popular distance education MBA course in India.

Annamalai University offers total 6 MBA courses that include 1 general MBA and 5 specialized MBA courses.

The name of Annamalai University distance MBA courses are : General MBA, MBA E-Business, MBA Financial Management, MBA Human Resource Management, MBA Marketing Management, and MBA International Business,

All the courses are approved by UGC-DEB.

Any graduate can apply for these courses. There is no admission test required for getting admission into these courses.

Welingkar Institute of Management (WESchool)

Prin. L.N .Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research (WeSchool) one of the leading Business schools in Asia, with impeccable accreditation and recognition from various national and international organizations.

From last few years, the institute is promoting its distance education to reach people who cannot take up the regular courses e.g working professionals, house wives, students living in remote areas of the country.

Welingkar offers a two year PG diploma program in distance learning mode.

Any graduate can apply for the course and there is no entrance test required to join the course.

You can choose from the 18 specializations that Welingkar offer, the specializations are : Marketing, Operations, Finance, HR, Retail, Business Administration, Healthcare Management, E-Business, Banking, Investment & Insurance, International Business, Supply Chain Management, Hospitality Management, Media and Advertising Services Excellence, Rural and Agribusiness, Travel and Tourism, IT, Projects Management, and E-Commerce.

Amity University

Amity University is one of the largest universities in the north India located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

The university offers an array of online courses under the distance education mode.

Currently, Amity University is offering postgraduate, bachelor & diploma courses in management including the distance education MBA.

The 2-year MBA course offered by Amity University is one of the popular distance learning courses in India.

If you have completed your graduation with minimum 40% marks, you can join this course.

Amity offers 11 specializations with their distance MBA.

The specializations are: Marketing & Sales, Operations Management, Finance & Accounting, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship & Leadership, International Business, Hospitality Management, Information Technology, Petroleum & Natural Gas Management, Insurance Management, and Retail Management.

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies

NMIMS, a premier institute in India located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. NMIMS offers a distance PGDM course.

The distance education courses offered by NMIMS are approved by UGC-DEB.

At the time of writing this article, NMIMS is offering total seven 2-year post graduate diploma courses, which are almost similar to a 2-year MBA course.

The names of the courses are:
  • Post graduate diploma in business management
  • Post graduate diploma in human resource management
  • Post graduate diploma in marketing management
  • Post graduate diploma in financial management
  • Post graduate diploma in international trade management
  • Post graduate diploma in supply chain management
  • Post graduate diploma in banking and finance management

Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline from any recognized University with minimum 50% marks at Graduation Level is required to be eligible for this course.

The total fee for the course is INR 41,500/- per year.

Lovely Professional University

LPU is a leading private university located in Punjab. The LPU distance learning MBA course is a popular course offered by the university

It is a 2-year degree programme that can be completed in maximum 5 years of duration.

Graduation in any discipline or equivalent is required to be eligible for admission in LPU’s distance MBA course.

The total fee of the course is INR 24800 per year.

University of Madras

The University of Madras is another top university in India offers various under graduate & post graduate programs in various disciplines including MBA under the distance education system.

It offers Executive MBA, General MBA & integrated MBA under its correspondence learning medium.

There are total 14 specializations are available to choose from.
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Management
  • Educational Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business Management
  • Systems Management
  • Information Security Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Shipping and Port Management
  • Apparel Management
  • Export-Import Management
  • Travel and Tourism Management
  • Hospital Management

Suresh Gyan Vihar University

Suresh Gyan Vihar University is a private university located in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

In the year 2012, Suresh Gyan Vihar University started offering the distance education courses. Currently, SGVU-DE is offering MBA, MCA, BBA, BCA, and PGDCA courses under the distance education mode.

The distance education courses offered by SGVU-DE are approved from UGC-DEB.

The distance education MBA course offered by SGVU-DE offers more than 20 specializations.
  • Finance Management
  • Banking Management
  • Investment Banking & wealth Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Branding & Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Operation & Production Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Foreign Trade & Global Business Management
  • Risk Management
  • Information Technology Management
  • Hospital Management
  • Media & Entertainment Management
  • Business Analytics & Intelligence
  • Strategic Management
  • Project Leadership Management
  • E-commerce Marketing & Management
  • Mass Communication
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Leadership
The total fee of the MBA programme is INR 62400.

You must be a graduate with minimum 50% marks to be eligible for the MBA programme.

Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University

Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University is another university in India that offers various diploma, bachelor & postgraduate programme in management.

You can collect Information Brochure (including Admission Form) from academic annexes located in our Institutions in Pune, New Delhi, Navi Mumbai, Kolhapur, Karad, Sangli and Solapur.

Indian Institute of Finance

IIF-DLP's are primarily designed for senior executives and executives with no formal background in Finance. The sessions for the DLP's begin twice in a year (on 1st May and 1st November). The programmes follow a Bi-Semester system to meet the needs and requirements of senior executives. 

Currently, the institute offering a One Year Post Graduate Distance Learning Program called Basic Business Finance (BBF) & a Two Year Post Graduate Distance Learning Program called 
Management of Business Finance (MBF).

Osmania University

Osmania University is A ***** accredited university by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council based at Hyderabad. Osmania University offers a MBA course with 3 years duration. A candidate should qualify Integrated Common Entrance Test to take admission into this programme. The fee for MBA programme offered by the university is Rs.12000/Year.


XLRI Jamshedpur also offers 12 months MBA course with a partnership of Hughes NET Global & Reliance World. The program is specially designed for working professionals with minimum 2 years of working experience after graduation. Currently, XLRI offering 5 different program through satellite learning.

Indian institute of Management (IIM)

The most prestigious management institution of India IIM e.g IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Indore also offers a MBA programs in collaboration with NIIT Imperia & Hughes Global Education. Read our post to know more about how to take admission into IIM.

Apart from the universities & institutions mentioned above many other top universities like Jamia Hamdard, Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University, Dr. B R Ambedkar Open University (DBROU) & Teerthanker Mahaveer University also offer a MBA Distance Learning courses in India.

You can also check the rankings of Top 10 Distance MBA in India on 
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Find MBA Job Opportunities Online for Freshers & Experienced

Job Opportunities
It's a dream of almost all the students who pass their MBA to be placed in an esteemed company but the thing is how to search & apply for a job opportunity in those companies.

MBA students, especially freshers, have no clue where to find those MBA jobs. In the current world of technology, the internet has made this task really easy. Now anyone can find their dream job in a company of his choice by just pressing few mouse clicks.

In our today's article, we'll not only discuss the places where you can find those MBA jobs but we will also tell you how to find those job opportunities after your MBA.

How to find MBA Job Opportunities Online

No doubt, job portals are the best places to find such job opportunities but not all job portals are for MBA's. If you're an MBA, we only recommend & for your job search. Apart from these two job portals, LinkedIn is emerging as another best place to find a job. These are the following ways we recommend to find job opportunities online.

Naukri is most popular job portal in India & on a daily basis, hundreds of jobs are being posted on this portal for MBA fresher & experience candidates. The portal provides an easy way to search for the job online. The candidate just needs to give few inputs to the portal & it returns hundreds of matching results. Apart from this the portal also emails you jobs which are matching to your profile on a daily basis. You can also get a mobile app for this site & can also subscribe to SMS jobs alerts. Naukri also provides paid services like resume writing.

Monster is a leading brand in job portals. Here in India Monster run its job portal with the name Like Naukri, Monster also provides lots of job opportunities for fresher & experienced MBA candidates. It is the second most popular job portal in India. This portal also provides you a mobile app to find a job on the go & send you a mail about recent available opening to keep you updated. We recommend our readers to join monster to search for their dream job.

Linked In

LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations & it is mainly used for professional networking. But recently we have seen a new trend on this portal, now HR managers are equally active on this site as they are on job portals to find the right talent. This website allows users to build a resume on this website & get recommendations for you from your circle. This is the best place to develop relationships online with HR managers & employees to find a right job opportunity after MBA.

Company Own Job Portal

Nowadays almost all the big companies have an online job portal of their own on their own corporate website. If you've some company names in mind that you want to join after your MBA, we'll recommend you to visit their official website & submit your resume to their job portal. This way your resume will reach to the concerned person & if your profile matches with any of the current openings, the chances are higher that you may get a call from the HR department.

Job Consultants

We highly recommend our blog readers to get in touch with some good job consultants in your area to get better job opportunities. Most of the good companies hire through good consultants to save their time. For job consultants, we'll give only one advice to our blog readers, "never give any money to them". All the job consultants get their payment from the company they're hiring for.


Most popular social networking site is another cool way to search for job opportunities. You can develop a relationship with a person or HR manager who is already working in your dream company & once you become comfortable with her/him, tell to recommend you to the company. Whenever a job opening will come he/she will let you know. The second way to find a job on Facebook is to like company's page. Some company post available jobs on their Facebook pages to let their fans know about those opportunities.

Hope the article will help you find a job opportunity online after your MBA. if you've any query related to MBA jobs feel free to use our contact us form to ask one.
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Competency Based Interview Questions and Sample Answers

Going for an Interview? Are you prepared for the questions an interviewer may ask you? Are you prepared for the Competency Based Interview Questions? 

An interviewer may ask you questions about various competencies related to a specific job. There are various competencies about leadership, independence, teamwork and creativity.
Competency Based Interview Questions

Competency Based Interview Questions

We have prepared a list of questions related to various competencies. Take a look.


An interviewer may ask you a question about how do you handle a change. For example, the interviewer may ask you "Tell me about a time when you were asked to do something you had never done before. How did you react? What did you learn?"


An interviewer may ask questions to get an insight of how creative you are. You may be asked a question like "Tell us about a time when you developed an unconventional approach to solving a task. How did you develop it and what challenges you face with it?"


Tell us a situation when you changed your approach in the middle of any task. How you decide to change your approach and why? Have you ever performed a task which you haven`t done before? How you prepared for such task?


Leadership is required at every stage of life so does in the job. The interviewer may ask "What challenges do you face to improve your team performance and how you face them?"

Decision Making

Decision making is a crucial part of a job. An interviewer is always keen to know your decision making power in a worse situation. He/she can ask a question that how would you take a decision which is necessary to be taken but it is unpopular among people?

These are some questions an interviewer is likely to ask you in a competency based interviews. Now take a look at how you can answer to these questions.

The interviewer can easily judge to your positive and negative points through these competency based interview questions. Your measure will be defined by an analysis of how you deal with a particular competency.  The positive measures will be contributing to team work, playing a key role in team, able to take decisions and whether you can lead others or not. The negative measures will be that you are not able to take decisions properly. You are failed to lead others. You are not able to handle the current situation.

It is easy to get nervous while you are answering to some competency questions. But the one thing you should keep in mind is that always be patient and relax while answering to these questions. The best possible way to answer to these questions is to imagine yourself in that situation which an interviewer wants to put you in. Once you have imagined that situation, think what you will do if you have to deal with this situation. After doing this, you probably can answer to the question. Always remember you should be honest, clear and modest in answering these questions. You are expected to demonstrate how you have actually acted up in your past.

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