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SMU Distance Education MCA Admission Fee Structure Syllabus 2014

Sikkim Manipal University is a part of 60 years old education group know as Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG).  The university was came into existence on November 15, 1995. SMU is incorporated through an Act of Sikkim State Assembly, recognized by the University Grants Commission and approved by the Government of India.

Sikkim Manipal University
Sikkim Manipal University is recognized by University Council Of India (UGC) and also recognized by Distance Education Council (DEC) to offer distance education courses in India & abroad.

Sikkim Manipal University directorate of distance education was started in the year 2001 with an objective to maximize its reach and provide higher education to working professionals. Through its distance education body, the university only offer career oriented courses such as MBA, MCA, MSC-IT, BBA etc. The university has a strong student database with over 4,00,000 students enrollments in different courses from across India.

SMU Distance Education MCA

Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) offers 3 years MCA program to graduates seeking their career in the field to Information Technology. The course has been divided in to 6 semesters. Each semester is of 6 months duration.

SMU Distance Education MCA Syllabus

Below is the complete syllabus of SMU Distance Education MCA

SMU MCA Syllabus

Eligibility: Who Can Take Admission

Below is the eligibility criteria for SMU Distance MCA

The candidate must have a graduation degree i.e B.E. (CS / IT) / B.Tech (CS / IT)


3 Year Graduation from recognized University with 1 Year PG Diploma in IT / CA from a recognized university


DOEACC ‘A’ level

Students with DOEACC ‘A’ level will be considered for admission into 3rd semester directly as per lateral entry system and required to complete only 4 semester in maximum 4 years.

SMU Distance Learning MCA Fee Structure

As of October 2014, the fee structure for SMU distance education MCA is as follows.

1st & 2nd Semester: Rs.14,200 INR
3rd Semester Onward: Rs.15,200 INR

Fee is subject to change and revised time to time from the university. If you want to know the current fee structure, contact any SMU Distance learning center.

We've put our all efforts to provide you as much information as possible about Sikkim Manipal Distance Learning MCA. If you wish to know more about SMU Distance education MCA course, do visit SMU DE official website.
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SMU-DE Launches Special Scholarship For Students Of North East

To help students from Sikkim & North East region, Sikkim Manipal University's Distance Education wing launched a scholarship worth Rs. 2 Crores for 2000 students. Currently Sikkim Manipal University is running its 6th Annual Vidyadeep Scholarship program. This special scholarship program which will help 500 students of Sikkim & North East region  has been launched in association with Google for SMU's Digital Marketing program which the university offer in association with Google.
For 500 students from the North East, SMU-DE will offer 50% scholarship for the Digital Marketing Certification program conducted in association with Google.

SMU Scholorship

The scholarship was announced during 14th Annual convocation of Sikkim Manipal University. This scholarship aims to help students of Sikkim & North East region to study further and get a job oriented certification. Digital Marketing is one of the most demanding career option now a days. There are ample amount of jobs available in the market for a digital marketing professionals. All major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, has their search & display advertising services. To expand reach all big & small companies are turning towards these advertising services and thus advertising companies coming up with more and more job offers each day to meet the demand. On the occasion Shriniwas Patil, Governor of Sikkim and the Chancellor of Sikkim Manipal University, General (Retd) V.K.Singh, Minister of State for External Affairs and Development of North Eastern Region, Mr. R.B Subba, Minister for Human Resource Development Department, Mr. Arjun Ghatani, Minister for Health and Information and Public Relations Department, Ms. R. Ongmu, Chief Secretary and Dr. Ramdas M Pai, Pro Chancellor, Sikkim Manipal University were present.

Total 2000 students will get benefited from the Rs. 2 Crores Annual Vidyadeep Scholarship program, In which 500 students will get 50% fee waiver under the special scholarship which has been launched in association with Google for digital marketing program. The total fee of Digital Marketing Program is Rs.25000 (Excluding Taxes), Students from Sikkim & North East region only has to pay 50% fee i.e Rs.12500 (Excluding Taxes) for this program. Remember only 500 students will be able to get the benefit of 50% fee waiver.

The program is mixture of both Online and Offline content. The offline content will be conducted as a two week program at Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (SMIT). SMU will also provide residential accommodation at subsidized rates during their stay for attending the program.

This is indeed a great initiative by both SMU & Google. India do need such professionals in our country to expedite Internet penetration in our country. This program will definitely open new doors of job opportunities for Students of Sikkim & North East region students.

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What Not To Do In Your First Job

Just received you first job offer? Well, while getting your first job is surely exciting, you have to keep in mind certain things before venturing into it. The following post espouses some mistakes to avoid in your first job. Read on to know more.

Securing the perfect job is a dream come true for college freshers. While a stable job gives you the economic freedom you have been craving for, the professional space opens up a whole new world you have been unaware of till now. You must understand that office will never allow you to be ‘just yourself’. You have to be cautious and watch every step you take and every move you make.

Getting the right job and handling it perfectly is like a dream come true for freshers. All one need to do is prepare well in order to secure fresher’s jobs that would provide the right platform to showcase one’s skills. Maintaining some decency and decorum in the first job and be in the good books of the employer is very important.

Freshers must understand that no matter how exciting it sounds to secure a job, surviving in the professional space is not a cakewalk. One has to take into consideration a lot many things; right from your dress code, to body language, vocabulary and so on. Explained below are some of the things not to do in your first job.

First Job

Forgetting Names of People

You should never forget names of, boss or employer, your team members and even the governing body. When you are introduced to someone, wait for his/her response and then proceed. If that person sticks out his/her hand, then only take and shake it. Otherwise, just a simple welcome smile is enough.

Moving In Too Fast

One should not make haste in the office premise. One thing that should be kept in mind is you are using someone else’s premise. So, your personal things should never be brought to the office on the very first day. One should not load the desk or seat with too much of personal stuffs on the first go. Manners and etiquettes of the office should be learnt first. For example, if you are using the coffee room, then observe the procedure first and then proceed.

Conversing Too Much

Engaging in unnecessary conversations and revealing too much is a mistake which most fresher’s do in their first job. Talk as much as it is necessary to convey your own ideas. Using neutral language and maintaining a soft tonal quality of voice will secure you as a friendly person. Any personal opinion should be avoided before knowing the co-workers properly.

Saying ‘no’

Saying ‘no’ is the biggest mistake in the office front be it a new job. As far as workloads are concerned, it is the favorite subject of the employer to impose more responsibility and judge your capability to work under pressure. Saying no to such a proposal may lead to the chances of setting a bad impression. You should engage with others and take interest in the existing culture of the workplace.

Being too late

A project or assigned to a fresher should be submitted within the dead limit. One should not tend to cross the dead limit too often. One should learn to prioritize things and should not keep an important task stagnant for too long. The chances of being better should never be lost.

Avoid Showing Off

As a new comer one should avoid showing off. If you buy a new car then park it at the back of the parking lot and don’t be impatient to earn appraisal. A fellow worker might suffer from bankruptcy while one is talking about one’s newly purchased SUV or bungalow.

Being Impatient

Did history lectures in colleges bore you? Well, be prepared for extended meetings and power point presentations. While at the workplace, you are expected to be a professional and remain patient through long board meetings. While expressing interest in an assignment is very much necessary, you must also learn to be patient.

The Last Words

By maintaining some easy etiquettes and adopting a habit of sending weekly updates of the work to the boss will make one secure a good position in the office front. Keeping your first job secure and being in the good books of the employer is a challenge for many freshers.

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Management Education In India

MBA still continues to stay the most popular career option. A variety of programs and specialization’s are being provided. Increased job opportunities in different sectors of the society.

Scope of MBA in the country

The economic development of India has been extensive and constant. The growth has been imminent in the industrial sector. It is for this reason that the demand and popularity for business related courses has increased manifold.

MBA courses are the most popular out of all the business related options. A wider scope and numerous job opportunities make it superior to the other available possibilities. After successful completion of the course one can work in the financial, marketing, human resources, or retail sector of an industry. The list is, however, not restricted to these and there is a wide variety of options to choose from. MBA education helps get a better overview of the business world.

One need not start at the base level after having done an MBA. MBA professionals are placed almost at the top of the ladder as managing executives, business leaders, etc. from where the climb higher is even simpler. With a boost in the industrial sector, and the constant influence of upcoming companies, the scope of MBA is increasing every day.

However, some people beg to differ. A fraction of the society feels that the hubbub created around the course is highly over-rated, that this course is getting more attention than it actually deserves. This school of thought stems from the fact that most people in our country favor a career path in MBA in search of lucrative jobs and high salary packages. No importance is given to personal growth and skill development in order to generate economic value.

Moreover, a pass-out from any of the leading B-schools is automatically considered intelligent and good value for money by companies, when history has it that many leading business tycoons and entrepreneurs in the country today are ones with no formal education at all. This goes to conclude that eventually it is inherent passion that should drive a person’s motivation and not just the thirst to obtain a lucrative degree.

Negatives aside, the popularity of this course in the country continues to flourish with an increasing number of students aiming for the top B-schools, both in India and abroad.

Top MBA colleges

The esteemed MBA colleges in India like IIM’s (Indian Institute of Management) employ the help of CAT exam to enlist students.

This test is now a computer-based exam which tests the quantitative, data interpretation, logical, analytical, and verbal ability of the candidates. Since 2009 many other colleges have started accepting CAT scores as the basis of admission.

The complete list of top MBA colleges along with all the related information pertaining to management studies can be obtained online.

Types of MBA programs offered

Two-year (Full Time) MBA: This is the main program offered by almost all colleges in the country. The colleges which are autonomous like the IIM’s offer a post-graduate diploma in management (PGDM) or Post-graduate Programme in Management (PGPM). According to AICTE only registered universities can provide an MBA degree. The difference between the diploma and degree is not much. While an MBA degree focusses on the theoretical aspects of business, a diploma is more industry-oriented with a focus on case-studies.

Accelerated MBA: This is like a crash course in MBA with tightly packed classes and an aim to finish the full time MBA as soon as possible.

Part-time MBA: This program is specially designed for the working professionals. The duration of this program is longer, about 3 years, as the classes are held on weekdays after working hours or over the weekend. This is a more flexible kind of program.

Executive MBA: This program is devised specifically for working professionals who generally have more than two years of work experience. It is very similar to the general MBA program but is designed to provide education to managers, executives, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders. Executive MBA is part-time. Apart from this a number of colleges offer the 1 year executive MBA program based on GMAT scores. They include ISB, IIMB EPGP, IIMA PGPX, IIMC PGPEX, and XLRI GMP to name a few.

After the completion of this program one can continue to work at their current position or look at better avenues. The ability to accept different kinds of responsibilities increases making the individual an important asset for the smooth functioning of the company.

Distance Learning MBA: These programs are attained through non-interactive broadcast video, correspondence courses by postal mail or email, live teleconference or videoconference, pre-recorded video, and offline or online computer courses. A number of universities like Symbiosis, IGNOU, Annamalai, etc. are well known for their distance learning programs.

Dual MBA: This is where a normal MBA degree is combined with another, like MS or MA.

Online MBA: Since the dawn of smartphones, 3G, tablets, and broad-band, students who are not able to enrol in a normal course can obtain the education of their choice online. Management related lectures and case-studies are uploaded, which can be readily accessed. There is no requirement of attending classes and assignments and exams are also conducted online.

Placement Opportunities

A wide variety of career options are available after having done an MBA. One can work in finance, marketing, human resources, operations, or retail. Many other possibilities are available as well.

Marketing: This particular field requires an individual to have strong convincing skills along with the ability to influence other people. These traits can be easily learnt and developed. The success behind any product lies on how it is being marketed and hence the demand for marketing professionals is very high.

A marketer has good communication and presentation skills. He is involved with selling, product designing, pricing, and advertising of a commodity. In our country FMCG companies like Johnson and Johnson, Nestle, Unilever, Pepsi, Procter and Gamble etc. are always on the lookout for experienced marketers. Also, companies like BPL, Maruti Udyog ltd., Bajaj etc. have a variety of jobs to offer.

Finance: Job opportunities after an education in finance are numerous. A challenging job profile and a lucrative salary form the crux of this specialisation. Some of the beginner profiles in finance are analysts and advisers for Credit Risk Management, Financial Research, Personal Financial Advising, Portfolio Managing, and Securities/Investments Analysis.

Government agencies like Bharat Dynamics Limited, National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), etc. employ financial analysts for their functioning.                             
Roles of MBA Professionals
Various Roles Played By MBA Professionals
Human Resources: An HR professional handles training, recruiting, team building, employee policy, salary, employee healthcare, increments and benefits, and many other employee oriented domains. He needs to possess good negotiation and leadership skills along with the ability to tweak operations according to employee needs. Having excellent communication skills is a mandate. Every company requires an effective human resource team; hence HR professionals can find jobs in any organisation, both public and private.

Apart from these specialisations, there are many others which are fast gaining popularity like MBA- international business, agriculture, media management, family business etc. The scope of doing an MBA in the country is very high in the year 2014.
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Mysore University Launched Online MBA, MCA, BBA Courses

Mysore University
On Thursday 4 September 2014, University of Mysore Launched online courses with the Department of Outreach and Online Programs. The university join hands with online education platform provider U18 for delivering the programs.

The U18 online education platform is one of the growing online education program in India. More than 14000 students from 132 countries already studding through the platform. Many Indian universities already using U18 online education platform to offer Degree, Diploma & Certification Courses.

The platform offers all the facilities to the students to apply and study online from any part of the world. using the platform students may attend lectures and classes online using their laptop, tablet or mobile phone with an internet connection. Students may also get the access of online library which consist of lots of eBooks of various subjects.

Using the discussion forums available online students may ask their doubts directly to experts or can seek help with their fellow students. All assessment and evaluations are also done online using the platform.

For academic year 2014-15 Mysore University launched MBA, MCom, MCA, MIFM and MSc IT post graduate degree courses, and BBM/BBA, BCA, BSc IT and BCom undergraduate degree courses, along with several diploma programs.

The program was inaugurated by R V Despande, Minister for Higher Education and Tourism. V Sreenivas Prasad, Minister for Revenue and Mysore Dist In-charge, and Pramoda Devi Wadiyar, the wife of late Srikanta Datta Narasimharaja Wadiyar were also present during the launch event.

Interested students may visit to know more about the programs. All the programs are priced very economically. An MBA course only cost 20000 per year whereas MCA cost 12000 per year.

This is indeed a very good initiative by Mysore University. Still there are very few universities in India which offer truly online courses. In future Mysore University has plans to expand the number of of courses. Mysore University will offer more courses in near future in other field including Arts.

The University of Mysore was established on 27th July, 1916. Since than the university gone through many phases and launched many courses in various disciplines. Currently the university is providing higher education to over 85000 students from 50 countries. The university rank A+ by NAAC.
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