10 Best Business Analytics Courses in India Through Distance Learning

What is Business Analytics?

Business Analytics refers to the technologies, skills, and practices for iterative, methodical exploration and investigation of an organization's past performance data to gain a deep understanding and do future business planning.

In this competitive market, Business Analytics makes a lot of sense for business rely on data-driven decision-making.

Why Study Business Analytics?

The importance of Business Analytics can be judged by a popular quote of Albert Einstein. Once Albert Einstein said
Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted
In today’s competitive world, all big companies highly rely on their data. They use their past business performance data to make informed decisions and future planning. Business Analytics gives them a way to visualize the future and do business planning that can take their business to the next level.
To use their data effectively for business decision-making purposes, businesses need people who can provide them the report they need to do business planning. A person who holds a certification or a degree in Business Analytics usually fits into this criteria.

There is a very high demand of skilled people who have their expertise in the field of Business Analytics.

According to a report published in Times of India, India will face a demand-supply gap of 2,00,000 analytics professionals over the next three years.

Here is a wonderful post on Edureka, which explains, why a career in Business Analytics is a good option.

Top 10 Business Analytics Courses in India Through Distance Learning

Courses for Experienced Candidates

1. Great Lakes Post Graduate Programme in Business Analytics

Great Lakes institute of management offers one of India's prestigious post graduate program in Business Analytics.

The program is designed exclusively for working professionals ranging from young executives to senior industry leaders.

The course is delivered by a unique blend of online and classroom sessions. The program consists of 240 hours of classroom sessions delivered by Great Lakes faculty and 100 hours of online learning.

All students also get an access to Learning Management System (LMS) where they can access to online lectures, classroom recording, assignments, and reading material.

A candidate must be a graduate with minimum 50% marks to be eligible for the program. 

Candidate with Mathematics, Engineering, Statistics, and Economics background will get the preference for admission.

The program is available at Gurgaon & Chennai centers. For more information, you can visit PGP-BABI Website.

2. IIM Calcutta Executive Programme on Business Analytics (EPBA)

If you want to build a career in the field of Business Analytics, IIM-C EPBA program is for you. It is a one-year program with two sessions of 3 hours each week. The sessions will be delivered online.

3 campus visits are also required during the program.

The total fee for the program is Rs. 2,20,000/- and campus fee is Rs. 60,000/-.

A candidate must be a graduate with 50% marks in science or engineering to be eligible for this course. 2 years of working experience is also required. The final section will be done by the IIM-C selection committee.

The program is currently being offered in association with Hughes Education. For more information about the program, you can visit IIM-C EPBA website.

3. IIM Bangalore Program on Business Analytics & Intelligence

If you're already working in Analytics and want to enhance your skills, IIM-B Business Analytics & Intelligence program is for you.

The program is designed especially for the experienced candidates with minimum 3-5 years of experience in the field of Business Analytics. Although people who have analytical aptitude and want to start a new career in analytics can also apply for the program.

You should have a Bachelor degree in engineering/science/commerce or arts with mathematics as one of the subjects during your Bachelor’s programme to be eligible for this program.

As we have mentioned earlier, 3-5 years of minimum work experience is required to apply for this course.

The total cost of the programme is Rs 5,78,000/*- + service tax.

The course consists of eight modules and a project. You have to attend weekly online tutorial sessions where problem solving using analytics will be taught. For more information, you can visit IIM-B website.

Courses For Non-Experienced Candidates

4. IMS Proschool Business Analytics Course

IMS Proschool in association with NSE India offering business analytics classroom course in course in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi & online course across the globe.

Succsessful candidates will get an exam certificate from NSEIndia (NCFM).

This is a joint Certification from NSE – India, IMS Proschool and NSDC. It is a 3 months weekend classroom course. During the course candidates will learn Big Data, Hadoop, Web Analytics and Mobile BI.

There are 3 study options for the course
  1. Comprehensive Classroom (Fee: Rs. 36000)
  2. Live Virtual Classes (Fee: Rs. 28000)
  3. Distance Learning (Fee: Rs. 20000)
To know more about these courses, please visit proschoolonline website.

5. Business Analytics course from AIMA and Wiley

AIMA in association with Wiley is offering a Professional Diploma In Business Analytics through online mode. Graduate students with statistics or maths Background, Engineering students and MBA students are the right candidate to take course. It is a 5 months course. The fee for the programme is Rs. 45,000 + service tax. To know more, please visit AIMA website.

6. Business Analytics course from Manipal Global

It is a 100% online self paced course from Manipal Global. It will help you learn the basics of Business Analytics. The cost of the program is Rs. 8626. To know more visit Manipal Global website.

7. Jigsaw Academy Big Data Analytics Course

It is a 3 months course designed for IT or database professionals looking for a career in the field of Business Analytics. The total cost of the program is Rs. 28,500/- . Candidates with Basic experience with R. Knowledge of Java or OOPS programming languages are preferable for this course. To know more about this course, visit Jigsaw Academy website.

Some other good Business Analytics courses are .....

8. Business Intelligence and Business Analytics Program by Orange Tree Global

9. Edureka Certificate course in Big Data and Analytics

10. Certified Big Data Analyst and Data Science with SAS and R by AnalytixLabs
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Body Language During A Job Interview The Do's & Don'ts

Do you have an interview in near future? follow these body language the do & don'ts during an interview. It's not just what you speak sends a message to other, you body language says more than your words. When you're in an interview from eye contact to posture to the way you fix your hair you should take care of because these thinks also pass on a message to your interviewer. in our today's post we're gonna tell you what should be your body language during an interview so that you can leave a right impression on the interviewer.

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Body Language
Body Language During Job Interview

Job Interview Body Language

Make a great entrance. Experts says that your interview starts even before you enter to the interview room. You never know who gonna take your interview so behave well with every one even if you're on a parking or in the lift. Always keep an smiling on your face.

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Palm-to-palm contact is key. A handshake tells how confident person you're. think about an incident when  someone shake your hand by giving just his fingers, you must have thought why he is not doing a proper hand shake with me, what he is trying to hide. A palm-to-palm hand shake not only shows how confident you're but also sends a signal to the other person that you're comfortable with him. when you do a hand shake during your interview always do a palm-to-palm handshake.

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The right posture.Your posture tell allot about your personality and talks about how serious you are about the job you're being interviewed for. Bad posture e.g Leaning back pass a message that you're either too lazy or too arrogant and if you lean forward it says that you are overaggressive. Make your posture to neutral. you can slightly lean forward but not much but never ever lean back.

The Eye Contact.Making the eye contact is equally important as right posture. When you're sitting in an interview make an eye contact with the interviewer. It shows that you're giving proper attention to him & not neglecting what he/she is saying. Your eye contact make your interviewer more comfortable with you and he/she ask more questions. But keep it mind your eye contact should not be like that it gives a message you're staring. Try to hold your interviewers gaze for one extra second before breaking away.

Pay Equal Attention to People if More Than One Person Interviewing You. It happens many a times that more than one person takes your interview. When you're asked a question, don't only answer the question looking at the person who asked that question rather pay attention to all the person sitting in the room. Always keep an smile on your face so that other feel comfortable with you.

Cross Arms. Arms crossed over your chest signal defensiveness and resistance. Never cross your arms during an interview but always keep them open. Open arms pass a message that you're calm and ready to have a discussion. These small things really pays a lot of role to get selected.

Mirror Image. Research has shown that people hire employees who are like them. Match and mirror your interviewer enough at the beginning of the interview to make him comfortable with you. Try to sit the way he is sitting & use the gesture he is using but all this should be in a limit. He should not feel like you're copying him. 

First impression should be good but last should be better. You must have heard many a time that first impression is the last impression but we says your last impression should be even better. People generally remembers the last think you've done. We recommend our blog readers that they should end up the interview with some good things that the interviewer can recall when he think of you.
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What Does A Chief Executive Officer Do - CEO Job Description

A CEO is a person in a company who give direction to the company & responsible for the overall growth of the organization. A chief executive officer is the highest-ranking management executive who works as the main point of contact between the board of directors, investors & corporate operations. The roles & responsibilities (job description) of a CEO varies as per the organization vision & mission. The job of a chief operating officer is a bit diversified & varies by organization & majorly depends on the size of the organization. In small organization CEO even makes small decisions like hiring employees but in a large organization, he sets company mission & executes strategies.

As I've mentioned above that a CEO is a person in an organization who actually gives directions. The management team of an organization develops strategy, investors of the company gives approval to the strategy but CEO actually gives direction to the strategy & responsible for implementing it successfully.

Chief Executive Officer Duties & Responsibilities

  • To puts the strategy in place to achieve the company’s vision and mission.
  • Leading, guiding, directing, and evaluating the work of other executive leaders including presidents, vice presidents, and directors etc.
  • Set priorities & deadlines of the project & assigning responsibilities.
  • Creating & communicating company's vision & mission.
  • Develop organization's culture.
  • Building a strong team for the organization.
  • Setting a budget for the projects.
  • Building strong relationship inside & outside the organization.
  • Setting goals & objectives of other people in the company.
  • The CEO makes sure that people are recognized for their contributions and extraordinary efforts on the job.
  • Evaluation the success of the plans.
  • Representing the company in public, events & media.
  • Reporting to the board of directors.
  • Supervise the general operations of an organization.
  • Ensures staff and Board have sufficient and up-to-date information.
  • Advise the board.

What does it take to become a CEO

As far as qualification is concerned the candidate must be at least a graduate. A management degree like MBA is an added advantage. 

Experience, Experience & Experience...... this is what a company look into a CEO. An extensive business and industry experience is key to success to get this job. 

The average income of a CEO is approx $2,00,000 that includes salary, bonus, profit sharing, and commission.

An ideal CEO should have a dynamic personality with a strong knowledge of industry & must have prior experience in directing a company & implementing strategies.

The above-mentioned roles & responsibilities are just to give an idea on what a CEO do in a company. there are many other tasks are carried out by a chief operating officer & that all depends on company to company.
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Top 5 Distance Learning MBA Universities in Delhi NCR

distance learning mba delhi

Delhi is the capital of India and we all know it is also a business city of India. Thousands of people come to Delhi every day in a hope to get a good job. There are few lakhs of companies currently operating in Delhi/NCR and they all required skilled people join their team.

There is a very tough competition between the people to make themselves the best option for any job that comes into the market. People work really hard to become the best option for the available job.

It has been noticed that people with an MBA degree got a better job or got a promotion in their company compared to the people who don't have a managerial degree.

If you're from Delhi/NCR and looking for a good MBA college or University to pursue your higher education, you're reading the right article.

In this article, we're going to mention the best universities offering distance learning MBA courses in Delhi/NCR.

Top 5 Distance Learning MBA Delhi/NCR 

1. Institute of Management Technology (IMT) Ghaziabad

Without any doubt, IMT Ghaziabad is the best institute in Delhi/NCR to pursue a distance learning MBA.

IMT offers 2 years PGDM program which is considered equivalent to MBA.

IMT Ghaziabad is amongst the best institutes in India for regular MBA. It ranks under the top 20 BSchools in India.

Its distance learning PGDM program is approved by UGC DEB and offers specialization in Finance, Marketing, Operations, Information Systems, Human Resource Management and International Business.

IMT also offers 1-year PGDBA and 1-year Executive PGDM courses.

The institute has won many awards for its distance learning courses.

You must be a Graduate in any discipline to be eligible for the MBA course. 

For admission into 2 years PGDM, an admission test is required. 

For 1-year executive PGDM, you must have 3 years job experience to become eligible for the course.

The fee for 2 years PGDM program is INR 27,500 per semester.

If you're seriously looking for a good institute to pursue your MBA, you should consider IMT as an option.

2. Indra Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

IGNOU is India's largest open university. It was established in the year 1985 and currently, more than 4 million students are enrolled in the University.

IGNOU offers a variety of courses in many disciplines including management.

The distance learning MBA from IGNOU is a 2.5 years course that you can complete in maximum 8 years duration.

The fee for the complete program is INR 31,500, which is quite affordable compared to the other universities.

You have to clear OPENMAT conducted by IGNOU to be eligible for the program.

You must be a graduate in any discipline with 50% marks for general category and 45% for the reserved category with 3 years managerial/supervisory/professional experience.

There is no age limit for the admission.

3. Amity University

Amity University offers 2 years distance learning program which is approved by UGC DEB.

The distance learning MBA course from Amity has 4 semesters with 11 specializations to choose from.

The specializations offered by Amity are
  1. Marketing & Sales
  2. Finance & Accounting
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Operations Management
  5. International Business
  6. Information Technology
  7. Entrepreneurship & Leadership
  8. Insurance Management
  9. Retail Management
  10. Petroleum & Natural Gas Management
  11. Hospitality Management
The total fee for the program for general category students is INR 126800, and for Defence Officers, it is INR 108050 and for J.C. Officer / Other Ranks, the fee is INR 89300.

The fee can be paid in four installments.

Someone must be a graduate with 40% marks to be eligible for admission. Diploma holders can not apply for the course.

4. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)

NMIMS is a renowned institute in India for management education. It's regular MBA and distance MBA, both ranks among the management courses in India.

Although NMIMS is an institute from Maharashtra but they are operating a study center in New Delhi. 

Like IMT Ghaziabad, NMIMS also offers 2-years post graduate diploma courses in management that are considered equivalent to MBA in the corporate sector.

NMIMS offers the following 2-years management courses.
  • PG Diploma in Marketing Management
  • PG Diploma in Business Management
  • PG Diploma in Financial Management
  • PG Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • PG Diploma in Supply Chain Management
  • PG Diploma in Banking and Finance Management
  • PG Diploma in International Trade Management
NMIMS also offers 1 year diploma and 6 month cenrtification programs.

The fee for 2 years Post Graduate diploma courses is about INR 62000. Although it varies if you pay in installments.

You must be a graduate with minimum 50% marks to be eligible for the program. If you don't have 50% marks in graduation, you should have minimum 2 years of working experience to apply for the course.

5. ICFAI University

ICFAI University is a popular name in distance education industry. It is a university located in Hyderabad but have their study centers for distance learning courses located across the country including in Delhi/NCR.

The University offers 2-years distance education MBA program with 16 specializations to choose from.

You must be a graduate to be eligible for the distance learning MBA program offered by ICFAI.

The total fee for ICFAI MBA course is INR 65,000/-. You can pay the fee in installments.

We hope the article was helpful for you. If you have any questions or you would like to take admission in any of the University/Institution mentioned above, feel free to contact us using our contact us page.
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How to Apply for a Job Through Email? In-Depth Guide With Sample Email?

Tips On Applying for a Job Through Email with Email Sample

In today’s technological world, there are many ways to know about the latest job openings. There are different methods to apply for a job as well. There are many portals and websites available on which we can directly apply for the job. But, basic and a most followed way for the job application is through email.

Job application consists of following things:

  • Subject line
  • Body of the email
  • Attach Resume
  • Closing

Subject line

The subject line should provide two basic information i.e. job applicant name and the job profile for which you are applying. Recruiters receive many emails from job applicants. It becomes difficult for them to give equal importance to every application. Subject line makes it easier for them to easily search the right resume and contact the right person for the job. The syntax for subject line should be

Job Position – Your Name

An example of the subject line:

Subject: Information Security Director – Suresh Malhotra

The Body of the Email:

It is highly suggested to not leave the body of the mail empty. The body of the email should be between 100-150 words and should be able to give a brief about the applicant qualification and experience. This part of the email is most important as the recruiter would view this part even before the resume. You can make notes in the notepad or save sample email in the draft folder before sending the mail.  This would help in making sure that you covered all the relevant points in the body of the mail. You should start by greeting the recruiter and then by telling about the source from where you come to know about the open job position. This part contains three paragraphs which are explained below:

Paragraph 1:

This paragraph should give brief about you and the reason behind the mail. You can also include your experience and current profile. The main objective of this paragraph is the introduction so that the recruiter does not need to open the resume just to know the name and your current profile. You should also mention the source from where you come to know about the job vacancy and recruiters contact information.

Paragraph 2:

This paragraph should explain your capabilities and the reason why you are perfect for the given job profile. You can explain your last job profile along with work responsibilities that you held. Everything should be in brief as recruiter could view rest of the information in the resume.

Paragraph 3:

This space is used as the closer of the mail with the information that you have attached the resume in the mail. You can provide your contact number in this space as well so that recruiter can reach to you easily. It is also suggested to show some eagerness to hear from them.

Attach Resume:

You can attach your resume using attach file option in the mailbox. It is suggested to save the file name with your name and job title. It makes sure that recruiter does not miss your resume among many applicants. Your name on the file name would make it easy for the recruiter to search and save the file.

Email Signature:

You can include your email signature with full name and contact number on which you are always available. You can give two contact numbers if in case one number is not reachable than the recruiter can call you on the second number. It gives a sign of responsibility and passion for working in their company.

An Example of Email Message:

Hi Sir/Madam

I read your post about the Research Analyst profile on Indeed and I am interested in working on this profile in your organization.

I have done MBA in the research field and currently working as Associate Research Analyst for XYZ organization from past 2 years.

In the current profile, I have worked on different research projects with many clients. My current responsibilities are making research reports using primary research and secondary research. I also interact with clients to update weekly report.

I have also attached my resume. You can contact me if you need more information. I  look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks & Regards,
Suresh Malhotra
(Phone number - 9578954526)

The basic point is that mail should be in simple language and easily understandable. The person should not need to read anything twice to get the right information. Everything should be in front and easily trackable by the recruiter.

Key points to avoid in the mail:

  • You should never use casual language in job application mail. This gives the very wrong impression to the hiring person. It shows that you are not serious for the job.
  • Never get personal with the recruiter. It is suggested to not use the dear word for them.
  • You should use the proper English language with correct grammar as this mail gives an overview of your communication skills. If a recruiter finds grammatical mistakes in the mail itself than it gives a negative sign to them.
  • It is good to give the information but providing excess information in the first place is also not good. You should not explain the reason to switch on the mail or any bad experience with the previous company on the application mail. You can share all these information during the personal interview or until they ask specifically.
  • Never send email without a subject line. A recruiter gets many emails in a day so specification of the mail is very important.
  • Never use an out-dated resume. Different job profiles need a different style of resume. Similarly, different companies may need a different pattern of resume. It is always suggested to make few changes according to profile and company to give a good impression through your resume.
  • Never send the email without thanking the person. The closer of the mail should always be polite and thankful. It gives a good impression that the applicant is genuine and has good behavior.
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