North Bengal University Distance Education Courses & Admission 2015

University of North Bengal is an elite university which provides a wide range of courses in its regular course structure. Now the university has extended its expert teaching in distance education courses too.

It is one of the best universities in the state. University of North Bengal was founded in the year 1962 under the act of legislature of West Bengal. Since then this university has produced countless graduates which helped in building of our nation.

University of North Bengal provides a wide range of courses in all fields which helps the student in attaining knowledge of their respective course and excels in it.

University of North Bengal started its division of distance courses with a vision of providing education to the remote areas which are unable to gain any knowledge due to lack of services.

There are still areas in India where young children’s are unable to gain knowledge and find work. University of North Bengal focuses mainly on these areas and encourages the countrymen to avail its facilities to build a educated society.

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Undergraduate Courses Offered By University of North Bengal

Course Eligibility Duration Fees
B.A in English 10+2 3 years Not Available
B.A in Bengali 10+2 3 years Not Available
B.A in Nepali 10+2 3 years Not Available
B.A in Philosophy 10+2 3 years Not Available
B.A in Political Science 10+2 3 years Not Available
B.A in History 10+2 3 years Not Available
B.A/B.Sc in Mathematics 10+2 3 years Not Available

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Postgraduate Courses Offered By University of North Bengal

Course Eligibility Duration Fees
M.A in English Graduate 2 years 4650/-
M.A in Bengali Graduate 2 years 4650/-
M.A in Nepali Graduate 2 years 4650/-
M.A in Philosophy Graduate 2 years 4650/-
M.A in Political Science Graduate 2 years 4650/-
M.A in History Graduate 2 years 4650/-
M.A/M.Sc in Mathematics Graduate 2 years 4650/-

Admission Procedure:

Directorate of distance education, University of North Bengal has opened various study centers to cater the needs of students.

In these study centers, education material is provided to the students in the form of library as well as experienced teachers and faculty are also present which clear the doubts of students.

These study centers are made throughout the state to make them easily accessible to the student. For admission application form and prospectus, students can contact and reach any of these study centers as well as the main office of Directorate of distance education itself.

The application form is available for Rs. 100 at these study centers. Along with this application form, a draft has to be also attached for the payment of registration fees.

Due to the structure of study, distance education has no restriction of age, caste, religion and anyone can apply to these courses.

Education material is provided by the university and is very easy to understand. If in any case a student faces any difficulty, he/she can go to nearest study centers to find more books on the topic or can consult with the teacher present over there. After applying, eligibility of the applicant is checked and if everything clears out, He/She is granted admission in the university.

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Directorate Of Distance Education
University Of North Bengal
Siliguri - 734013
Phone: (0353) 2580202 / 2580205
website: , , Wikipedia
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Grow Ahead with Distance MBA via Assam Down Town University

Finding the Balance

Those days have whisked past us when students didn’t have a feasible opportunity to balance their work with education. But, now they do! Thanks to many credible institutes around the country offering distance education courses, learning while you work, has become a viable option. And one such university that stands apart and gives you a golden chance to implement this option is Assam Down Town University. This university provides a variety of management courses with a carefully prepared course curriculum in addition to guidance from experienced faculty. So, let’s look at some of the valuable points of pursuing your distance MBA and why Assam Down Town University can be your friend in finding that balance between work and education.

Achieve the Growth with Distance MBA

One of the greatest benefits of distance MBA is that it is highly flexible and comparatively affordable. You don’t have to sacrifice your work or pay an exorbitant fee to pursue distance MBA from Assam Down Town University. The combination of both, the distance MBA program and the university fulfill your requirements and help polish your skill set while you set to achieve more in your career. Distance MBA makes you learn by challenging you, provides an opportunity for students to learn while they earn and hence allows you to simultaneously test theory in a corporate environment. Pursuing distance MBA gives you the opportunity to take up a job in your desired area of specialization and helps you build awareness of the real corporate world functions. You complete your distance MBA from Assam Down Town University at your own pace and convenience. You also study from a learning centred course module with minimal investment, which gives you comprehensive development of analytical skills and in-depth operational knowledge of the corporate industry.

Get Set Go with Assam Down Town University

The distance MBA course of Assam Down Town University was instituted in the year 2010. The University has received positive recommendations from its alumni for the flexible exam schedules, which are useful for the working students and most importantly for the helpful academic guidance provided by the Assam Down Town University’s experienced faculty. The courses provided are in complete sync with the latest demands and trends of the corporate industry. The course is structured with a special emphasis on the learning of basic principles and practices of management, which help the students with science background and further strengthens the concepts of commerce background pursuers. Both are continuously guided in the right direction by the most experienced professors of this reputed university.

The Credentials

Assam Down Town University has been approved by the following authorities:
  • University Grants Commission (UGC)
  • All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
  • Indian Nursing Council (INC)
  • Pharmacy Council of India (PCI)
  • Indian Association of Physiotherapy (IAP)

The Diversity in Specializations Offered

Assam Down Town University is amongst the most reputed universities in the country offering distance MBA in courses which are sprouting in demand in the practical world and have a strong need amongst the employers. Some of the most acclaimed specializations offered in MBA are:
  1. MBA in Information Technology - According to a report published by The Ministry of External Affairs, India’s IT sector is growing at a rate of 25% per annum, having already employed over 1 Crore people. This employment rate is expected to further increase as big foreign companies foray into India. This would boost the expected market exponentially and make it reach up to $300 billion by 2020.
  2. MBA in Operations Management -Specialising in operations gives you a great chance to thrive in an environment where there is high demand. Specialists in this field witness chances of fast monetary and financial growth.
  3. MBA in Finance Management – Are you driven by numbers? Does financial management interest you? Or, you want to ensure finances are always under control? Take up this specialisation and sharpen your number skills while you also strengthen your knowledge of a developing economy like India
  4. MBA in Marketing Management - Establish your career through Assam Down Town University in one of the most dynamic and popular specialisations in India. Learn the tricks of the trade used in this dynamic field.
  5. MBA in Human Resource - Help build the backbone of an organization you are a part of or understand the processes better. The HR team of an organization works round the clock to get new employees on board and keep the existing ones happy.

The Course Format

The course structure is systematically divided over a period of 2 years and sub-categorized into 4 semesters, which first lays a strong foundation for students by focusing extensively on the basic concepts of the subjects, then various technicalities are introduced to students and finally it makes students well prepared on how to utilize the course’s knowledge and applicability at their workplace.

Optimization of Technology

Assam Down Town University extensively uses technology to engage with students through its live online classroom sessions, where students can clear their doubts personally. Students are also offered learning based weekly online assignments, self assessment tests and guidance from experienced faculty. Hence, this MBA course offers students more than what they come expecting for.

The Alliance of ADTU and EduKart

EduKart is India’s leading education marketplace and has partnered with Assam Down Town University to promote distance education in India to help students bridge the gap between their dream and reality. The EduKart team provides guidance and counseling to students with the objective of helping them choose from the wide array of available courses. The company makes the enrollment process hassle free and provides complete pre and post admission support to students.

 Advantages of EduKart

  • Expert academic experts help you decide the best course for you, for free
  • Assistance by EduKart in the admission procedure
  • Smooth and hassle free communication

EduKart and Assam Down Town University

Students choose the best for yourself in this ever-growing competition and find the right balance and grow in your professional career with Assam Down Town University courses offered on EduKart. Without sacrificing your job, take your career ahead with an MBA degree in conjunction with EduKart’s many advantages. Take the leap, now!
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Amity University Distance Learning MBA Admission 2015 Fee Structure

Amity University (ASoDL) Noida offers a 3 year Distance Learning MBA programme for students and working professional. ASoDL Amity University distance learning mba admission 2014 are going on. There are two intakes for Amity University Distance MBA i.e January to June & July to December. The Distance Education MBA offered by Amity University Noida has been ranked 4th in DNA Indus Learning Survey 2012 & also has been ranked 3rd by business world. Amity University Distance Learning MBA Fee Structure is also given below.

The MBA programme offered by the university is quite affordable and there is no entrance exam to get the admission. Students who match the eligibility criteria can get a direct admission into the 3 year course.

Students who will successfully complete the programme will be awarded by a Degree & not a diploma. The MBA degree offered by ASODL is recognized by UGC & DEC.

The university has a partnership with the following university for its distance learning offerings: Purdue University USA,  University of West of England Bristrol UK, University of East of London UK, University of Cambridge UK, Florida Atlantic University USA and University of Central Lancashire UK.

Amity University is India's first pvt. university to be certified with the highest ISO 9001-14001 Quality Award by AQSR of USA.

Amity University Noida Distance Learning MBA

Admission in distance learning mba is open throughout the year. The Distance MBA is being conducted by the university in the distance learning mode/online mode. It consists of three components i.e. Assignments, Personal Contact Programme (PCP) and End Term Examination (ETE).Students matching the following criteria can get the admission into 3 years distance learning mba course offered by Amity University. 


Below is the eligibility criteria for Amity University distance MBA.
Applicant should have a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in any discipline from a recognised Indian or Foreign University. Candidates in the final year of Bachelor’s Degree Examination may also apply.

Fee Structure

The distance learning mba is available in 3 modes i.e Correspondence mode, Distance Learning Mode & Online Mode. The Amity University distance education MBA fee structure is as follows.

One Time Payment:

Correspondence mode : Rs.36,000/-
Distance Learning : Rs.51,000/-
Online mode: Rs. 66,000/-

Installment Payment:

Correspondence mode : Rs.9,000 First installment / Rs.6480 each for next 5 installments.
Distance Learning : Rs.12,750 First installment / Rs.9,180 each for next 5 installments.
Online mode: Rs. 16,500/- First installment / Rs11,880 each for next 5 installments.

Add ons (to be added in 1st payment)

Books : Rs.6,000/-
Virtual Record Classes (VRC) : Rs.10,000/-
Books + Virtual Record Classes : Rs.16,000/-


Through the Corporate Resource Centre (CRC) at University Campus, ASoDL aims to give its students access to placement advise, career progression support and the industrial network. Students of ASoDL are welcomed to participate in the management and other professional development programmes and interactive sessions with the elite in the industry organised by the CRC.
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Kurukshetra University Distance Education Courses & Admission 2015

Kurukshetra University is one of the top universities in India. It is a leader in quality education and integrating high values in students.

Kurukshetra University foundation was laid out by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first president of India on 11 January 1957. It is spread in about 400 acres on the side of holy Lake Brahamsarovar.

Kurukshetra University provides a wide range of courses and facilities for the students. It is among the top leading universities of India and every year graduates gets placed at top companies across the country and in abroad.

Kurukshetra University campus is spread over 400 acres and is equipped with latest facilities. Its culture and history are very unique and are developed on the holy teachings of Mahabharata.

Kurukshetra University Distance Education Courses

Undergraduate Courses:

B.A (Public Administration)   3 YEARS Passed in 10+2 with at least 45%
B.A (Economics)   3 YEARS Passed in 10+2 with at least 45%
B.A (Environment Science)   3 YEARS Passed in 10+2 with at least 45%
B.A (Political Science)   3 YEARS Passed in 10+2 with at least 45%
B.A (Hindi)   3 YEARS Passed in 10+2 with at least 45%
B.A (English)   3 YEARS Passed in 10+2 with at least 45%
B.A (Fine Arts)   3 YEARS Passed in 10+2 with at least 45%
B.A (Psychology)   3 YEARS Passed in 10+2 with at least 45%
B.A (Sociology)   3 YEARS Passed in 10+2 with at least 45%
B.A (Mass Communication)   3 YEARS Passed in 10+2 with at least 45%
B.A (Culture and Archaeology)   3 YEARS Passed in 10+2 with at least 45%
B.A (Defence & Strategic Studies)   3 YEARS Passed in 10+2 with at least 45%
B. Lib   3 YEARS Passed in 10+2 with at least 45%
Environmental Studies   3 YEARS Passed in 10+2 with at least 45%

Post Graduate Courses:

M.Sc (Geography)   2 YEARS Passed in graduation with 45%
M.Sc (Mathematics)   2 YEARS Passed in graduation with 45%
M.Sc ( Biotechnology)   2 YEARS Passed in graduation with 45%
M.Sc (Botany)   2 YEARS Passed in graduation with 45%
M.Sc (Geography)   2 YEARS Passed in graduation with 45%
M.Sc (Microbiology)   2 YEARS Passed in graduation with 45%
M.Sc (Chemistry)   2 YEARS Passed in graduation with 45%
M.Sc (Human Development)   2 YEARS Passed in graduation with 45%
M.Sc (Clothing and Textiles)   2 YEARS Passed in graduation with 45%
M.Sc (Forensic Science)   2 YEARS Passed in graduation with 45%
M.Sc (Zoology)   2 YEARS Passed in graduation with 45%
M.Sc (Physics)   2 YEARS Passed in graduation with 45%
M.Sc (Chemistry)   2 YEARS Passed in graduation with 45%
M.A – Environmental Education   2 YEARS Passed in graduation with 45%
M.A (Computer Science)   2 YEARS Passed in graduation with 45%

Admissions and Eligibility Criteria

For enrolling in these distance courses, applicants have to apply by filling out the forms which they can download from the website of the University or can purchase from the University.

The process is to download the forms and submit them online after filling them out. In distance courses, no age restriction is applied because that will just deny the sole purpose of it.

Basic duration of undergraduate courses is 3 years and the minimum qualification is having passed high school (10+2). The prospectus and application forms can be easily downloaded from their website. The application forms can be filled and have to be submitted online with small application fees.

The master’s courses also have the same process. The course material is provided by the university and constant teaching help is provided by the university by various distance education center. It is designed carefully so as it remains easy to understand for the students of any age and profession.

For more information visit 
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Best 20 MBA Distance Learning Top Universities In India 2015

Are you looking for Best distance education MBA in India offered by Best distance education university?

We time to time publish ranking reports of top MBA courses in India. Even we cover awards & recognition news published across the internet such as DNA Indus-Learning Survey to help you find the best distance learning MBA course.

In our earlier post on "Top MBA Distance Learning India" we had discussed why getting a Distance Education MBA degree is boon for working professionals. In our this post we're gonna tell you about the top universities in India offers correspondence MBA degree program.

Increasing number of job opportunities in has given a strong boost to distance learning MBA programs in India. All popular university in India now a days offering various distance learning programs & those who are not providing are joining this bandwagon.

MBA distance learning India

When someone though of doing an Online MBA or Correspondence MBA degree program in India, the first few name that comes into our mind are IGNOU, Symbiosis & Sikkim Manipal. No doubt all of these universities are renowned & best in providing management degree programs but there are many other universities & institutions as well which also offers world class management programs through online & study center mode.


As we all know Indra Gandhi National University is worlds largest open university in terms of number of students enrolled. It was founded in 1985 & currently serving more than 35 lakhs students worldwide. Pan India reach & some study centers in abroad makes it the perfect choice for doing a correspondence program. IGNOU offers 175 academic programs comprising 1100 courses at certificate, diploma and degree levels including diploma, degree & Phd programmes in management. IGNOU MBA is one of the most popular management degree programme in India.


Symbiosis International University is one the UGC and the AICTE recognized multi-institutional university located in Pune, India. The university runs various postgraduate, diploma & certificate distance learning courses under "Symbiosis center for distance learning". It has learning centers across India which provides admission assistance & classes to interested candidates. Recently SCDL has been ranked 2nd amongst the Leading Institutes – by DNA Indus Learning Survey 2012. Students also gets the placement assistance after completing their course. 

Institute of Management & Technology (IMT)

IMT is among the top business schools in India. The institute is located in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. IMT offers its distance education programmes in management and information technology under IMT-CDL. The institute has been ranked No.1 by various magazines & news channels including DNA, Outlook, Competition Success Review, Zee News, Hindustan Times. The institute has its presence across the country. IMT also offers the facility to take lectures online & you can also appear in online exam.

Sikkim Manipal University

SMU-DE is ISO 9001: 2000 certified university offers distance education programmes in many disciplines. All programmes offered by Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education are recognised by DEC . SMU-DE has more than 725 Authorised Centres in 310 towns. SMU-DE offers education through EduNxt, which is an award-winning learning delivery system. It also offers scholarship to 1500 meritorious students.

Welingkar Institute of Management

Prin. L.N .Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research (WeSchool) one of the leading Business schools in Asia, with impeccable accreditation and recognition from various national and international organizations. From last few years the institute is promoting it's distance education courses & opening up new study centers across India. Welingkar offers a two year PG diploma program in distance learning mode. There is no exam to join the program.

MD University

Maharishi Dayanand University is a state level university based at Rohtak, Haryana. It offers distance education courses under Directorate of Distance Education (DDE). Currently it offers 40 courses including 21 Postgraduate degree courses, 14 courses for Bachelors degree, 5 course is P.G. Diplomas. Currently it is serving more than 1,27,000 students through various study centers across India.


ICFAI is a UGC recognized university offers 2 years distance education Master of Business Administration course. The MBA Program is essentially based on self-study and examinations. Students may also participate in workshops & contact classes which are optional. It provides facility for online registrations & examinations.

Amity University

Amity University is India's one of the top ranked university offers distance education in management & technology to the masses in an affordable fee. Currently it is offering postgraduate, bachelor & diploma courses in management. you can read more about the courses & can apply for them online from their official website.

Lovely Professional University

LPU is a leading private university based in Pujab. It recently started offering distance mba through its various study centers. The curriculum of this university has been designed keeping the modern business scenario which is a plus point of this. It offers 2 year distance learning MBA program.

Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University

Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University is a DEC, Government of India, New Delhi approved university offers various diploma, bachelor & postgraduate programme in management. you can collect Information Brochure (including Admission Form) from academic annexes located in our Institutions in Pune, New Delhi, Navi Mumbai, Kolhapur, Karad, Sangli and Solapur.

Indian Institute of Finance

IIF-DLP's are primiarily designed for senior executives and executives with no formal background in Finance. The sessions for the DLP's begin twice in a year (on 1st May and 1st November). The programmes follow a Bi-Semester system to meet the needs and requirements of senior executives. Currently the institute offering a One Year Post Graduate Distance Learning Program called Basic Business Finance (BBF) & a Two Year Post Graduate Distance Learning Program called Management of Business Finance (MBF).

University 18

University18 is India's first and largest online University Platform having partnerships with some of India's largest Universities. It offers a choice to students to choose a course from a national university i.e Karnataka State Open University, Uttarakhand Open University or choose ones with huge International presence such as the Don Bosco University, India.

University of Madras

University of Madras is another top university in India offers various under graduate & post graduate programs in various disciplines including management. It offers Executive MBA, General MBA & integrated MBA under its correspondence learning medium.

Annamalai University

Annamalai University is more than 80 years old university based in Tamilnadu, known for its diversified portfolio of programs under distance learning mode. It offers 2 years management programme with dual specialization & single specialization. All the courses offered by AU are approved by DEC, New Delhi.

Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University (VMOU)

Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University (VMOU) Kota, Or previously known as Kota university is a well known open university in India based at Kota, Rajasthan. It has total 65 Study Centers in the state to reach students from across Rajasthan. It offers one MBA program & 3 other post graduate diploma program under its management courses offering.

Osmania University

Osmania University is A *****  accredited university by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council based at Hydrabad. It offers a MBA course with 3 years duration. A candidate should qualify Integrated Common Entrance Test to take admission into this programme. The fee for MBA programme offered by the university is Rs.12000/Year.

Karnataka State Open University (KSOU)

KSOU is located in Mysore offered higher education programs through Open-distance learning system. It offered one year diploma courses & 2 year MBA programme under management course category. The courses are approved by DEC & it is a regular member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), Delhi & Permanent member of Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) London UK.

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies

NMIMS a premier institute in India also offers a distance MBA course. All of the programs offered by SDL are approved by DEC, IGNOU, (New Delhi) Govt Of India. Currently NMIMS-SDL offering 14 programs.


XLRI Jamshedpur also offer 12 months MBA course with a partnership of Hughes NET Global & Reliance World. The program is specially designed for working professionals with minimum 2 years of working experience after graduation. Currently XLRI offering 5 different program through satellite learning.

Indian institute of Management (IIM)

The most prestigious management institution of India IIM e.g IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Indore also offers a MBA programs in collaboration with NIIT Imperia & Hughes Global Education. Read our post to know more about how to take admission into IIM.

Apart from the universities & institutions mentioned above many other top universities like Jamia Hamdard, Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University, Dr B R Ambedkar Open University (DBROU) & Teerthanker Mahaveer University also offer a MBA Distance Learning courses in India.
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