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NIMT Distance Education PGDM HR, Operations & General Management

NIMT Distance Education
National Institute of Management and Technology’s distance education branch named NIMT edX is the one stop destination for students who want to complete a degree or diploma in various courses while sitting at the comfort of their homes. It is the ultimate learning tool and uses a lot of high end technology equipment to ensure that students absorb a rich learning experience. The edX branch provides online live sessions along with carefully designed modules to support online learning.  There is a significant decrease in the college drop outs due to the inconvenience caused by online learning tools as edX is specially designed to aid the students in the most interactive way possible.

The National Institute of Management and Technology's online learning branch helps the student to gain interest in what he or she is learning as the medium employs discussion platforms which are course specific and this helps in effective solution of the problems. The problem of lack of motivation too goes down and the students can participate more freely to discuss their problems and look for the answers to their queries. These intellectually enriching discussions with the mentors help in holistic development of the student and they can have access to the study material at any point in the day.

The method of evaluation of the learning process is quite simple too as the students can get their hands on real time reports of how they have performed in the bar charts that are created by the tool. The progress is thus mapped carefully and the students can keep a tab on themselves on a regular basis so that they can know what is lacking where. The assignments are displayed on the x axis on the bar chart and thus it tells you about the marks scored in the subject. Students are also free to ask their queries from any section and ensue a discussion on it. The teachers try their level best to make the platform more engaging for the students.

Here are three of the many PGDM courses offered by the online learning branch of NIMT, edX :

Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

NIMT Greater Noida offers a program titled Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management which a two year full time program approved by AICTE, UGC and DEB. The aim of the program is to help the students with the skills and knowledge about managing human resource which in turn helps in contributing towards development of individuals and organizations.

Some of the vital areas of focus are Human Resource Information Systems. Performance Management, Human Resource Planning, Compensation Administration, Performance Management, Selection, fostering harmonious employer-employee relationship.

The major thrust areas are Human Resource Planning, Human Resource Information Systems, Selection, Performance Management, Training and Development, Compensation Administration and fostering harmonious employer – employee relationships in the framework of state regulations. The course is of minimum 2 year duration and can extend up to 3 years maximum. There are in a total four semesters of six months each.

Post Graduate Diploma in Operations Management

The PGDM program in Operations Management is offered by NIMT Greater Noida and is a 2 year full time course recognized by AICTE, UGC and DEB.

Under this program, strategic, tactical and operational levels are covered. The purview extends to the designing and management of products, services, process and supply chain areas. The procurement, development and the way by which resources are utilized in a company in order to cater to the demands of the goods and services by the department, all these come under the program. The curriculum is specially designed keeping in mind the current demands of the company and the motive is to stay one step ahead of it. This will give learners the required knowledge, vantage and expertise along with the development of the skills so that they can be valuable for the firm in future. The course is of minimum 2 year duration which can extend upto 3 years and has been divided further into four semesters of six months each.

Post Graduate Diploma in General Management

The program is offered by NIMT, Greater Noida and is a two year full time AICTE, UGC and DEB approved program. Post Graduate Diploma in General Management is an international business program and the course curriculum for it has been thoroughly designed to match up with present day’s dynamic business environment and tackle the globally charged challenges as well.

PGDM in General Management or International Business focuses on providing an in- depth and comprehensive coverage of all kinds of disciplines under the arena of International business activities like Global Finance, International Human Resource Management and International Marketing. The students will also gain extensive knowledge on industry specific courses like Export-Import Management, International project management, International Marketing etc. The course curriculum is an heterogeneous blend of case studies, research, theory, international study programme. The balance of conceptual and practical knowledge makes the program an enriching experience for the students.

The course structure is specifically designed to aid students in understanding and getting an insight into the complexities of business operations internationally and at the same time help them expand their knowledge base in order to deal with the complexities of the market. An intensive training is provided to the students to help them track the opportunities in the areas and explore them.

The course is on a minimum of two year duration and can be completed within three years. It is split into four semesters of six month duration each.

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BVDU MBA Specialization Bio Tech, Business Analytics, IT, IB, HR

Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University has some more specializations in the MBA program to help students create a niche for themselves through added management skills in some of the off-beat fields which are turning out to be really lucrative pathways in today’s world. Each course is of two year duration. The motive of these programs is to up skill the students so that they can add value to an organization as well as efficiently take up their responsibilities as a team leader and motivator. They will also develop business strategies which will be customer focused so that it helps them play a substantial role in the society.

MBA Bio Tech

An intensive grounding in management and an expedition into the policy issues pertaining to management and biotechnological industry. The candidates who enrol for this program can grasp the technologies regardless of the level of the technical education they possess so that they can put the expertise they acquire to best use. The candidates will also learn about the regulatory role of federal and state governmental organizations as well as global bodies along with professional forums.To gain an indepth understanding regarding the business of biotechnology, the student must enrol for the course and they will be exposed to the strategic, financial and human resource management in the industry.

MBA Business Analytics

The objective of this course aims to prepare the students to excel in the business environment by ensuring that they possess the required analytical skills to perform. The MBA program in Business Analytics spreads its wings to both technical and business arenas. Under the purview of this course, the university offers delivery of business metrics and definition, performance management, business drivers, data visualization etc.This acts as a knowledge bank of powerful techniques for the students and builds on a strong foundation in the field of marketing, finance and operations.

MBA Human Resource Management

There is a dire need to recognize the importance of sincere working personnel who can choose, recruit, provide training and cater to the needs of the employees. This applies to both big and small organizations. The human resource management in smaller organizations specially supervise the payroll, disciplinary procedures, training and recruitment. While the human resource managers in the larger organization may focus on each area individually related to purely strategic or analytical role.The MBA degree in Human Resource brings together the important elements of the general MBA programs and then focuses on the key areas like mediation, recruitment, planning and labour relations. They also receive solid grounding based on concepts in human resource management and also moves towards developing competencies in order to become extremely efficient individuals by developing and presenting the competencies along with hands on training which consists of working upon projects related to real world consulting and services for the community. It also includes going through rigorous assessment about the overall accomplishments and a highway to rewarding and successful careers.

MBA International Business

International domains of business are explored in this programme and a special emphasis is laid on it. After the completion of the course, students will be able to analyze and put into theory the cross cultural changes in different operation along with an added focus on global investment and trade environment. It deals with the theories of foreign investment and direct investment, about the world monetary system and financial markets and the structure and strategical tactics used in a multinational business environment.

MBA Information Technology Management

The objective of the management degree in Information Technology specialization is to focus on the role of information systems and technology in present day entrepreneurship and also aims at providing students with the required edge in the technological environment when it comes to a managerial career. The Information technology related concerns should be handled by a tech-savvy business leader who in turn should be able to foster the decision making process easier by possessing the required expertise. These kind of managers can provide a fresh approach to the technological glitches and boons since they have the IT experience and knowledge better than others. The career opportunities for this field range from positions which lay emphasis on technical know-how which includes information system manager, IT project manager, E-commerce development manager, E-commerce entrepreneur along with positions which have a primary managerial focus which includes IT consultant, E-business manager, corporate knowledge manager, management consultant, E-commerce entrepreneur, E-commerce process manager etc. The role of the information technology manager is to develop and manage IT resources along with the sellers of the IT and consultancy firms.

To know more about other MBA Specializations offered by BVDU and how can you apply for them, read this article. For any other query feel free to contact us.
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BVDU MBA Courses in Marketing, Finance, Operations 2015

Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University offers MBA programs which helps the students to enhance their management skills and employ the essential tools which are required in order to survive in today’s competitive world. The program prepares the students to be able to take up responsibilities as a leader and as a team comrade. The mission is to increase the skills of a student so that they can add value to the business organisation they join and undertake a substantial role as an employee. The development of strategies that are customer focused is also important on the part of a student who wants to be a manager. The students should be all ready to become the harbingers of change and then operate as the action focused analyst. The application of innovative Information Technology strategies to tackle technical issues and performance of the managerial functions in an ethically responsible way in the society are two of the other objectives of this problem. These not only apply in a national context but also strive to prepare a student to handle the functions assigned in the global community.

Eligibility Criteria:

Each specialization offered by Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University in the field of MBA is of two year duration.

To enroll for the distance learning MBA program in any specialization mentioned below, a candidate should be a graduate with Bachelor or Master degree of any discipline with a score of at least 50 percent in the aggregate. This number goes down to 45 percent in the case of SC/ST candidates coming from a recognized university. Aggregate will contain the grand total marks scored by a student in all the subject.

The students who are still in their final year be it for the completion of Bachelors or Masters degree can also apply for the MBA program. But the admission of the students will be on the provisional basis unless the required certificates are submitted to the educational institute. The last date of submission of all the original documents will be notified on the university website and should be adhered to. The eligibility criteria will hence not be granted and the admission of the candidate will stand cancelled. Another requirement to obtain a seat in the institution is that the candidate should be an Indian National. The final admission of the candidate will be only based on merit in the form of the All India Entrance Test (B-MAT) which is conducted by the University situated in Pune. The International students can also pursue a course or program of their choice based on a different admission procedure mentioned on the official website.

MBA from Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University offers the following specialization to a student:

  • Specialization in Marketing: The motive of this specialization which caters to the field of marketing in the Masters of Business Administration is to up shoot the knowledge and develop the required skills of the professionals who wish to work in the field of marketing, public relations and advertising. It aims at increasing the expertise and sophistication in relation to marketing decisions and hence prepare the candidates to take up advanced level education. The course is specifically designed to provide students with concept based framework about the field and teach them tools to meet the challenging corporate world. Students can then step out as professionals in the marketplace and strive to make their company’s business profitable. A whole gamut of marketing strategy concepts and theoretical topics are dealt with in order to impart education about the domain’s foundation.
  • Specialization in Finance: The financial market that exists in today’s date runs on high risk factor. While the trade-off between risk and the returns expected involves placing high value on time and money, it also asks for strong decision making managers to take up the responsibility who will value cash flow. This also involves employing financial tools and techniques to add and maximize the value to a business by enhancing the decision making process which can be used to help firms maximize value by improving decisions relating to capital investments into the important areas in finance which the financial experts should ideally know. Development of basic analytical skills and the theoretical principles of corporate finance to apply them to the real world issues using the case studies is the one of the main focus of MBA in finance. The students are specially provided training to assess the financial alternatives The course develops the basic analytical skills and principles of corporate finance and applies them to real-world problems using case analyses. Students are trained to evaluate financing alternatives and be an active participant when it comes to planning a company’s performance in the future in order to check the investment projects and hence choose a good financial mix.
  • Specialization in Operations and Production: The course given an insight about the issues pertaining to operations which the manufactures and service providers commonly face. All the decisions which are related to the supply chain mechanism and delivery of services charge up the futuristic competitiveness of the organization and thus have a compelling impact on the capacity of operations.provides an overview of the most important operational issues faced by service providers and manufacturers. Decisions related to the supply of goods and services greatly influence the long term competitiveness of an organization. The course spreads its wings to bring about a tangible change in the world of the producers and a tangible transformation of the intangibles which are linked to the service providers.

How To Take Admission

Admissions can be taken directly or through EduKart. It is recommended that you prefer to take admissions through companies like EduKart because they provide free counselling and hassle free enrollment process. You can take admissions online and also can submit your payments using debit or credit card. 
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Bharati Vidyapeeth Distance Education MBA Admission Fee 2015

Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University offers a wide range of distance education courses under school of distance education. Bharati Vidyapeeth distance education is approved by distance education council, New Delhi, India. The school of distance education is an independent unit of Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University & headed by director of the school. University has a focus on offering education to people who do not get opportunities for higher education because of numerous difficulties. Bharati Vidyapeeth is NAAC Accredited Grade "A" University and also a member of Association of Indian Universities and the Association of Commonwealth Universities.
Bharati Vidyapeeth Distance Education

Distance Education MBA Courses at Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University

The university is offering 3 different distance education MBA courses. The courses are as follows....
  1. MBA (Master of Business Administration) General
  2. MBA-IT (Master of Business Administration -Information Technology)
  3. EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration)


It's a 3 years programme with the following specializations
  • Production Management
  • Finance Management
  • Marketing Management
  • International Business
  • Human Resource Management
  • Retail Management

Eligibility Criteria

A graduation degree with 50% marks (45% for SC/ST) from a recognized university is required to be eligible for this programme.


Tuition Fee per year excluding admission fee is Rs. 24000. Application fee for this course is Rs.500 additional.


MBA in Information Technology is a specialized programme in IT. It is right programme for people who wants to establish their career in IT management. Duration of this programme is 3 years . The programme is divided into 6 Semesters consisting of 32 courses including summer training after completion of First Year and 6 month Internship Project in an organization.

Eligibility Criteria

A graduation degree with 50% marks (45% for SC/ST) from a recognized university is required to be eligible for this programme.


Tuition Fee per year excluding admission fee is Rs. 24000. Application fee for this course is Rs.500 additional.

Executive MBA (EMBA)

As the name suggest, executive MBA programme offered by Bharti Vidyapeeth university is a programme designed for experienced working professional. A minimum of 5 years of working experience is required to be eligible for the programme. The duration of the programme is 2 years.The programme comes with the following specializations.
  • Production Management
  • Finance Management
  • Marketing Management
  • International Business
  • Human Resource Management

Eligibility Criteria

A graduation degree with from a recognized university with 5 years of working experience is required to be eligible for this programme.


Tuition Fee per year excluding admission fee is Rs. 30000. Application fee for this course is Rs.500 additional.

How to Apply

Information brochure including Admission form can be collected by paying Rs.500 in cash or Rs.600 by DD in favor of Bharati Vidyapeeth Distance Education School of Distance Education, New Delhi. For more details about how to apply & admission related details please contact on the contact details mentioned below.

Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University Institute of Management & Research (BVIMR), A/6 Paschim Vihar Rohtak Road adjacent to Paschim Vihar (E) Metro station New Delhi — 110063.
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ADTU Distance Learning MBA & Integrated MBA+BBA Admission 2015

Assam Down town University
Formed in the year 1997, The down town Charity Trust emerged under the aegis of the down town hospital ltd. It came into existence to uplift the underprivileged and deprived section of the society. The members of this trust not only includes doctors but also Educationists, Engineers and other professionals.

Along with other initiatives, the trust geared up to begin one of the largest educational campuses in the North-East region which aims to provide a myriad of professional programs available at reasonable fee structure. In the year 2004, the construction of the campus began to cater to the needs of students who want pursue a course of their choice.

The first ever course started by the college was BSc. Nursing Program in 2008 which was followed by Paramedical degree course in the year 2009. The Assam government granted the campus a university status in the year 2010 as per the provisions of the Assam Private University act 2010.
In 2010 the Assam government granted the campus a University status as per the provisions of the Assam Private University act 2010. In the same year, the University got the recognition from A.I.C.T.E, New Delhi to successfully launch exams in Engineering, Pharmacy and Management which further spread its wings to Hotel Management and Health departments.

The University is barely 3 year old and is offering 50 programs with a batch of almost 2500 students from 10 Indian states and neighbouring countries of Bhutan and Nepal. The University aims at providing quality education and is recognized by University Grants Commission, Indian Nursing Council(INC), All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE), Pharmacy Council of India(PCI) and Indian Association of Physiotherapy(IAP). The University will soon move on to NAAC for accreditation.

The mission of the University is to expand its arena and improve the quality of the human resource of the nation by imparting quality education to everyone.

Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

About the Program

With an increase in the business risk, a number of job opportunities There is a four-folds increase in the number of job opportunities generated with the globalization process which has not only brought the world closer but also increased the business risk. To function in such a dynamic environment which challenges the enterprise thoroughly and to steer through these challenges successfully for effective decision making, a formal management training becomes extremely important. To prepare a student with managerial responsibilities in the public or private sector, Assam Downtown University’s 2 year course in MBA is specially designed to prepare the students with a thoroughly designed framework so that they can be familiar with the demands of the market and thus manage a modern business or economic enterprise. Through a series of case studies, projects and industrial training,  they are also prepared for the real word situations.

The career graph is an escalating one with the graduating students getting managerial responsibilities and handle various functions as the Marketing, Finance Business Analyst, Human Resource manager, Administrative manager, Operations manager, Branding and Advertisement manager, etc.

Opportunities and Scope

An MBA graduate open up a whole new world of opportunities and the scope of growth is extremely. Many MBA professionals grab the top slots in the Indian Corporate world and easily climb the ladder with efficiency. The field also provides entrepreneurship and cooperative organization options. MBA professionals also work for NGO’s and thus there is a wide gamut of job opportunities in this field. The degree in Management in today’s date is nothing less than an attractive proposition.  The campus placement program of the institute provide attractive entries to the companies and guarantees a lucrative career path to experienced and fresh graduates.

Integrated MBA+BBA

About Integrated MBA+BBA Program

The market risk has increased and new initiatives have come up as well. This has in turn led to a widespread increase in the expectations of the employers in the corporate world who need expert professionally skilled managers to work in the tough and highly charged business environments. These managers are not only expected to survive but also thrive in the cut-throat competition. Globalization has brought the world together and made it a small and accessible place but it also increased the overall challenges for an individual. The Integrated BBA-MBA programme from Assam Down town University has been created to achieve this very purpose. The programme is aimed at creating market ready managers who are experts in their area of specialization. It also aims to inculcate a spirit of entrepreneurship and responsibility so that the students of today can become leaders for tomorrow along with the wealth creators. The programme adds on to the decision making capabilities of the students. It also contributes to a holistic learning process which develops an in-depth understanding of the business environment in the students. The modules under this are designed to aid the students for a better comprehension of the dynamics of management and hence prepare them completely to face the corporate world outside. The department is also going to collaborate with Global Impact Solutions which is primarily the Indian unit of an American consulting and training firm which works to provide joint programmes in leadership and skill training programs.

A variety of new initiatives have been taken up by the management department for the academic year 2012 and for the holistic development of students. The management students are now given free laptops after enrolling in the university. The campus is fully WiFi enabled and ensures everyone gets broadband internet connectivity to facilitate the learning process.

Scope of the Programme

The integrated BBA- MBA programme offered by Assam down town University focuses on preparing a student to walk on the path of progression and make a professionally rewarding as well as financially lucrative career for himself/herself. The benefits of this programme will be reflected in the student’s life as soon as he/she completes the course and ventures into the market to perform and test his/her mantle. The course structure is professionally and carefully designed by experienced faculty to have an in-depth understanding about the market demands and hence the topics are industry relevant, catering to the needs of the employers. The students can attain a thorough training about various domains of management including Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Banking, Operations etc. The course is of four year duration and any desiring candidate who has graduated from school under the 10+2 scheme of any stream be it Arts, Commerce or Science can enrol for the programme with Assam Down Town University either directly or through EduKart which will provide free counselling for hassle free enrollment process.

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