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The Big Why's Of Distance MBA

Whether you are in the final year of graduation or multiple years old in job, the why questions related to MBA, such as Why MBA? Why invest so much money in a course that seems to be losing its value? Why full time MBA? Etc. are a part of the thinking process before someone enrolls into a professional post graduate degree program.

In between all the confusion, the factor to be noted is that MBA is more than just three letters after your name, it’s the difference between a job and a career. The degree, even today, creates a dissimilarity in the people who are graduates and those who are a step more than that. The variance is most visible in the corporate world in terms of designation, expectations etc.

But the losing value of MBA can also not be ignored. The popular post graduate program is losing its significance because of uncertainty of the Returns on the high investment made in terms of fees and a number of MBA colleges in every nook and corner, providing a promise of 100% placement.

So what is the option, with corporate demanding an MBA degree on one side and with the program losing its essence on the other?

The only way to get a professional degree, by a reputed institute, while continuing job (in case of professionals) and volunteer programs, training etc (in case of students); is Distance MBA

Distance MBA provides an opportunity to graduates and professionals to become Masters in their field, with an added time for the practical application. The outcome however depends on how much you give to it.

In spite of how lightly people take the distance program, to make a career at the back of it requires hours of hard work and dedication. The amount of work that goes into a distance program usually exceeds that of a regular course, the reason is increased distraction and problem in making priorities.

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Let’s look at some Whys’ incorporated in the idea itself of Distance MBA.

Why 1:

Why is full time MBA losing its value? From the corporate mind?
Companies are starting to identify the strength of mixing career with training, and are therefore including Distance Learning MBAs in the training package. This is believed to help in retaining the staff. For example KPMG presently has around 40 to 50 employees enrolled in the Distance Learning MBA program meant for financial professionals in the Manchester Business School.
It is believed that students who excel in a distance learning MBA program have the qualities employers generally look for, like time management, team work in both technology enabled and face-to-face mode, organizational ability, skill to apply management teachings to real problems, dedication, and self-motivation.
Why 2:

Why choose distance MBA over a full time program?
A professional distance learning degree offers a lot of opportunity to put what’s studied into their practical application, and gives time to see where you want to go in life down the line. It is a richer experience as compared to a full time degree.
Along with that, such programs gives you the option to carry on with your job, while applying the learned professional theories in the daily work.
Tip: Ask your company about the executive MBA program before you apply in a Distance Learning course.
Why 3:

Why not opt for just another Distance Program?

The options present to select from the list of DistanceMBA programs are a lot. But all of them are not equally good or reliable. What makes a Program worthy is:

  • Face to Face Element: The face to face session gives place to discussions and arguments. Along with that, even distance MBA students need human interaction.
  • Strong Career network: The school candidates are applying to, need to have a strongly linked career network since the first class.
  • Accreditation:The laws of selecting the school are similar to selecting a full time MBA course, it ultimately sieves down at accreditation. In India, the UGC notification for year 2014-15, said that educational institutes offering distance learning program in a state other than their registered state are considered unaffiliated and the degree will hold no value. This rule applies for all Distance Programs in India.
  • Comparison with full time program:See that the program you are planning to enroll in, is offered in a full time mode by other reputed universities. Also make sure the curriculum is similar to that of a regular MBA program.
  • Assess the expectation:Before you apply, see if you can handle the expectations in the sense of number of hours of learning the program demands per week. Measure it with your daily schedule and then make the decision.
  • Active placement cell:The institution should have an active placement cell and a number of companies partnered with the university. This will increase your chances of getting selected for a different job, in a new role.

Why 4:

Why put in extra efforts?                   
Corporate life will be like the program, a blend of individual and team work, therefore good soft skills; both oral and written, are necessary to perform well in career. These skills can’t be practiced while studying at home, they need a dedicated effort from the students’ side.
The mentioned 4 Whys should be enough to quench your thirst of evaluating the importance of a distance MBA program. Remember that there is no alternate to hard work, even if you are doing a Distance program, be ready for putting in tons of dedicated time and hard work.

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Use Internship As An Opportunity To Secure A Top Job

By the time you are in the college, you have probably heard countless advice on how you should become serious about your career. That includes picking the right subjects, studying hard to get good marks and get an internship, all in order to land a respectable job. While every of these advises are indispensable to have a steady career, obtaining a good internship could provide with an extra shot in the arm, putting you on a pedestal from where the career journey ahead looks steady and full of promises.

How would you define internships? Is it just a method of on-the-job training for professional aspirants or there is more to it? While the term internship has broad application, at this point of time, the exact definition isn’t what one should be pursuing. There is no argument about the fact that Internship provides a pool of knowledge, numerous networking opportunities and in some cases, a foot in the door of a dream job. It provides graduates with a glimpse of the real professional world and a shortcut to climb the career ladder.

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There are many dignitaries who made it big through the internships route, which include the maverick Hollywood director Steven Spielberg and actor Tom Hanks. Even the computer czar Bill Gates started off his professional career as a Congressional page. Similar story is famous about the visionary founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, whose first interaction with professional life was at Hewlett-Packard, where he met Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple. He still remains probably the most famous intern at HP. These stories are proof enough to understand that internships do lead to great things in future.

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The advantages interns have

College education makes a student academically sound, conferring him with a degree that demonstrates his understanding of theoretical concepts that are applied to perform a particular job.  An internship places the student in a position where he has to put to use the acquired knowledge in real world situation with co-workers performing actual tasks, which the job requires.

Even if an internship is unpaid, it will payoff in terms of the vast and invaluable professional experience. This will provide a boost to your self-confidence and self-esteem, which would invariably affect your chances of getting a new job. Besides, every organization looking to increase its profitability and productivity needs a young workforce which is knowledgeable, efficient, is bursting with ideas and most importantly, has the capability to give a physical shape to those ideas.  Interns are positive answer to all of these requirements.

Internship is the most important factor that affects employer’s decision while evaluating a recent college graduate. Its importance supersedes even the college where they went, the degree that they pursued and the GPAs achieved.

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Points to remember while pursuing an internship

Internships can add immense value to your resume and career prospects as a whole, however, only if you make the right choice. An internship with a firm which doesn’t matches with your academic qualifications is nothing more than a waste of time and other resources. There are few points, if taken care of, can save you a lot of pain:
  • Research: If you are interning at a reputed organization, research holds little relevance. However, owing to the cut-throat competition most have to settle for little lesser known firms. That actually means that you must conduct through research and background check on these organizations, so as to understand their work culture, values, mission and vision and whether it aligns with your goals or not. 
  • Keep your aptitude in mind: Internships should only be pursued in a domain for which you have the right mental aptitude.  For instance, if you are good at math and numbers then you can pursue the internship in the banking and finance sector. To gauge your aptitude you can take the help of aptitude test tricks and formulas.
  • Keep your academic qualifications in sight: While applying for an internship its essential that you must make sure that it is comparable with some aspects of your major. The whole point of pursuing an internship is to get a respectable job, and that will only be fulfilled if it is an extension of what you have already studied in college. For instance, a science graduates interning at a science laboratory or firm makes more sense than at a consumer goods company.
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Tips to Choose the Best Management College

Management education offers the course takers with all the required tools to successfully handle different business and management related issues. In addition to providing the people taking this type of education with all fundamental capabilities needed for effective management and administration, the following skills are also instilled:
  • It teaches team working and how to understand things from others
  • It develops global perspective
  • It will provide the learners with the ability to use the contingency approach for solving different business-related issues.

If you are planning to take management education, here are some tips that will help in choosing the best management college, so that you can come out with flying colors:
  1. Check the ranking: This is one of the reliable and convenient methods to arrive at the best institution. In India, even though there are many management institutions, some of the best management colleges as listed on GetSarkariNaukri have their own ranking, which clearly describes their quality. There are good sources online that rank the different management institutions then and there and checking these websites before applying can be the great idea. Generally, the ranking is given after considering different factors like placement assistance and history, fee structure, infrastructure, faculty, etc. 
  2. Examine the offerings: It is important that you should consider the offerings before choosing any management college. Here, you should first decide for yourself about the type of management course that you are looking for. Once you have arrived at this decision, it will be easier for you to compare the courses offered by different institutions. Here, the important point to remember is that management colleges will be specialized in specific branches and so you can filter your search accordingly once you decide on the branch you wish to take.
  3. Finances: Generally, management courses are expensive and so it is important that you should consider the financial aspect as well. Remember to check different factors like living expenses, travel cost and affordability in this regard as per the location in which you presently live. If you just wish to accelerate your career that is already established, you can go for some affordable institutions to take up the management course.
  4. Expectations: When you come across some of the best management colleges in India, you will find that no two management institutions are similar. They follow a different approach when it comes to the style of placement assistance, style of teaching, etc. So, it is important that you will have to carefully check whether the course curriculum offered by different institutions meet your requirements exactly. Here, you should consider factors like industrial visits, practical training, syllabus, etc.
  5. Physical limitations to consider: You should consider the suitability of the location of the institution. The availability of accommodation, timings, daily travel time and infrastructure are to be considered. This decision should be made on the basis of whether you are planning to take up a full-time or part-time management course.
  6. Match your lifestyle: If you already work and are planning to find the best college that can suit your requirement, you should come across some of the top management colleges as that perfectly match your lifestyle. Now, you are at the requirement of managing your studies and work without giving up the job. In such a case, you can consider a distance education courses as well. 

Nowadays, many people have understood the importance of management education and taking up the course from the best institution can really add value to your resume. So, compare some of the best management colleges on the basis of the above-mentioned grounds and reap the benefits thereof!
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Osmania University BEd Distance Education Admission Fee 2015

Osmania University offers 2 years part time BEd programme under distance education mode through its 5 study centers. Below are the name of the study centers

  1. Malla Reddy College of Education, Suraram ‘X’ Roads,Quthbullapur (M), Ranga Reddy Dist. 
  2. N.S.R. College of Education, V.V. Campus, Jambagh, Koti, Hyderabad. 4
  3. Islamia College of Education, Mustabad Road, Siddipet, Dist. Medak. 
  4. Gokul College of Education, Gokul Nagar, Nalgonda. 
  5. Govt. College of Teacher Education, Mahabubnagar.
Osmania University BEd

The university conducts an entrance exam every year for admission into its BEd distance education programme. All admission into Osmania University BEd course are done on the basis of rank obtained by a student in BEd entrance exam.

Osmania University Distance Education BEd 2015-2016

If you're looking for admission into Osmania University Distance Education BEd course, you must fulfill the following admission eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Teachers with a bachelor degree with 2 years of working experience, serving in a recognized Primary / Elementary / Secondary / Sr.Secondary school are eligible for admission.
  2. Candidates who are presently working in the territory assigned to Osmania University will only get admissions into the BEd course.
Candidates have to produce a certificate of service from the Head of the institution / Employer and self declaration of the service. The candidate should submit no objection certificate from the present employer.

All candidates must qualify the BEd entrance test to be eligible for admission.

Note: The eligibility of the candidate will not be verified at the time of entrance test. You must check the eligibility criteria by yourself before applying for the admission. The verification will be done at the time of admission.

Admission Procedure

  1. The admissions will be made on the basis of the rank obtained by a student in BEd entrance test.
  2. There are total 5 methodologies available for admission into BEd course and admission into each methodology is based on the percentage limit prescribed by the University / Government from time to time. The percentage of admissions into the five methodologies as per the current rule is as follows: 
                                                               (Code No)  (Percentage)
a) Mathematics Methodology (MS) :            01          25%
b) Physical Sciences Methodology (PS) :     02          10% 
c) Biological Science Methodology (BS) :   03          20% 
d) Social Studies Methodology (SS) :           04          35% 
e) English (EM) :                                           05          10%

The BEd Entrance Exam

The BEd entrance exam will be of 90 minutes duration with 100 objective type questions. There will be 3 parts in the entrance exam i.e Part A,B,C. Part A & B is common for all students. Part C will be based on the methodology chosen by the student.

Part A:
  1. General English (20 Marks)
Part B:
  1. General Knowledge (10 Marks) 
  2. Teaching Aptitude (10 Marks)
Part C:
  1. Mathematics : 60 marks
  2. Physical Sciences : 60 marks (Physics : 30 marks & Chemistry : 30 marks)
  3. Biological Sciences : 60 marks (Botany : 30 marks & Zoology : 30 marks)
  4. Social Studies : 60 marks (Geography : 20 marks, History : 20 marks Civics : 10 marks & Economics : 10 marks)
  5. Special English : 60 marks
The qualifying marks for all students except SC/ST students is 25%. There is no minimum %age of qualifying marks for Candidates belonging to SC/ST category.

Candidates can download the complete syllabus of Osmania University Entrance test from the university official website

Submission Of Application Form

Students may submit their application form on any working day between 10 AM to 4 PM to The Director, Directorate of Admissions, (Near PGRR CDE)

Osmania University Campus, Hyderabad - 500 007

The application form can be submitted in-person or through post.

BEd Course Fee

The total fee of Osmania University Distance Education BEd course is Rs. 20,000/- for all students including (OBC/SC/ST) candidates.

Documents Required At The Time Of Admission

  • Entrance Hall Ticket.
  • Entrance Rank Card. 
  • Degree certificate 
  • Memorandum of Marks (Part-I and Part-II)
  • Two years experience certificate
  • Proof of Local / Non-Local candidates
  • Community, Nativity and Date of Birth Certificate for S.C/S.T./B.C.
  • Required course fee plus the counseling fee.
  • Copies of certificates of PH/NCC/CAP/Sports categories(if applicable).

For more details visit Osmania University official website.

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DEC Policy On Duration Of Distance Education MBA/PGDM Courses

Distance Education Council (DEC) was the organization responsible for the promotion and coordination of the open university and distance education system. The organization was constituted under IGNOU Act 1985. The organization was also responsible for setting up standards for open universities and distance education system in India. There were many policies setup by the organization for the smooth functionality of distance education system in India. In June 2013, University Grants Commission (UGC) has taken over Distance Education Council, by establishing Distance Education Bureau (DEB). Now Distance Education Bureau (DEB) govern the distance education programs in India.

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Up till mid 2013, there were no policy in the distance education system, which describe the duration of distance education MBA/PGDM courses. Some universities were offering 1 year MBA under distance education system, which is not recognized in India.

Distance Education Council (DEC) in its 40th meeting held in June 2012 decided on the policy on duration of MBA/PGDM courses.The minimum duration of the programme has been set as 2 years which is in uniformity with the similar programmes being offered under regular mode.

There are still many international universities, majorly from UK, are offering 1-year MBA programme in India. This post we're written to warn our reader not to take admission into those programmes as they are not recognized in India. Although those universities are not fake and their programmes are valid in many countries but as per the policies set by our education system those degrees are not valid in India.

We truly think that the decision made by DEC during that time was all valid. If Universities offering distance education programmes in India keep offering that courses in India than it would not be a justice with the students taking up 2 year regular MBA course.

below is the screenshot of the notification issued by DEC.

DEC Policy

As you must be knowing that MbaFrog keep publish these kind of articles where we warn students seeking admission into distance education courses about the various traps available in distance education system.

In past we had published an article called " You Can Be The Next Victim Of Distance Education" where we informed our readers about the policy of Distance Education Bureau, In which the organization says that no state university can offer its distance education courses outside its state territory though any medium including study centers.  Most of our readers liked and shared this valuable information with their friends and family on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.

In past we have seen that students lost their jobs in India because they did a 1-year MBA programme from universities in UK. As per the UGC guidelines, the 1 year MBA course is not recognized in India and the degree is not valid for Government jobs.
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