6 Must Have iOS & Android Apps For Students

Smart Phones have changed the way students used to access the information in past. Now you've an mobile app ready for anything you want to do virtually. All Information, News, Study Material etc are available on smart phones now a days. With latest development of mobile operating systems has made it easy for developers to develop & share their applications to millions of smart phone users. In our today's article we'll write about the iOS & Android Apps that students must have in their smart phones.

Mobile Apps For Students

Top Apps For Students

#1 Evernote Peek

Everyone knows that Evernote is a wonderful note taking App available on Android & iOS market. Now you can do more with notes, audio and image you've on your Evernote. Now turn all of them in your study material. Evernote peek is a wonderful app for students. It turn your notes, audio and image into study materials. You can prepare a quiz with Evernote Peek to revise what you've studied. EverNote Peek is available in iOS only as of now.

#2 Oxford Dictionary

We all sometimes come across a new word which we never heard in past or we don't know the exact meaning of that word. Oxford Dictionary is a wonderful app to help you in those moments. The App has a database of thousands of English words. The app is available in iOS & Android both. It is really handy and you can find the meaning of a word during a lecture only.

#3 DropBox

Want to access your eBooks, Notes, Pictures or anything you save on your laptop or computer. Use DropBox and save them in cloud. DropBox is a cloud storage app that sync everything you want to save on cloud. Just save the documents in Dropbox folder in your laptop and they will Sync to the cloud or vise-a-versa. Dropbox users get 2GB of storage free, but you can add 500MB more for every friend you recommend.

#4 RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Now you don't need to carry you bulky scientific calculator at you college or tuition. Look smart & use your smart phone to do all of those complected calculation with RealCalc Scientific Calculator. This is a perfect calculator for all students who need all the functionality of a scientific calculator on their mobile phones. With the help of this calculator you can perform all the tasks you can do with a physical scientific calculator.

#5 Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a nonprofit organisation with the mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. With 4,200 educational videos, Khan Academy has an app available on both Android & iOS platform. Using Khan Academy app help you learn anything in the world. With a wide range of video tutorials you can access to the answer of questions in any subject.

#6 Exam Time

Exam time is another wonderful and helpful app for students. The App helps you create, share & discover resources build mind maps, flashcards, quizzes & notes for free. All of these tools helps you learn and prepare for exam. The app also has some other tools like Study Groups, Private Messaging, Online Calendar and Study Planner. You not only can create study notes with Exam Time but can also share them with your friends and can take their notes from them.

Hope our today's article must help you choose some good apps that will help you in your studies.