What Does A Chief Executive Officer Do - CEO Job Description

A CEO is a person in a company who give direction to the company & responsible for the overall growth of the organization. A chief executive officer is the highest-ranking management executive who works as the main point of contact between the board of directors, investors & corporate operations. The roles & responsibilities (job description) of a CEO varies as per the organization vision & mission. The job of a chief operating officer is a bit diversified & varies by organization & majorly depends on the size of the organization. In small organization CEO even makes small decisions like hiring employees but in a large organization, he sets company mission & executes strategies.

As I've mentioned above that a CEO is a person in an organization who actually gives directions. The management team of an organization develops strategy, investors of the company gives approval to the strategy but CEO actually gives direction to the strategy & responsible for implementing it successfully.

Chief Executive Officer Duties & Responsibilities

  • To puts the strategy in place to achieve the company’s vision and mission.
  • Leading, guiding, directing, and evaluating the work of other executive leaders including presidents, vice presidents, and directors etc.
  • Set priorities & deadlines of the project & assigning responsibilities.
  • Creating & communicating company's vision & mission.
  • Develop organization's culture.
  • Building a strong team for the organization.
  • Setting a budget for the projects.
  • Building strong relationship inside & outside the organization.
  • Setting goals & objectives of other people in the company.
  • The CEO makes sure that people are recognized for their contributions and extraordinary efforts on the job.
  • Evaluation the success of the plans.
  • Representing the company in public, events & media.
  • Reporting to the board of directors.
  • Supervise the general operations of an organization.
  • Ensures staff and Board have sufficient and up-to-date information.
  • Advise the board.

What does it take to become a CEO

As far as qualification is concerned the candidate must be at least a graduate. A management degree like MBA is an added advantage. 

Experience, Experience & Experience...... this is what a company look into a CEO. An extensive business and industry experience is key to success to get this job. 

The average income of a CEO is approx $2,00,000 that includes salary, bonus, profit sharing, and commission.

An ideal CEO should have a dynamic personality with a strong knowledge of industry & must have prior experience in directing a company & implementing strategies.

The above-mentioned roles & responsibilities are just to give an idea on what a CEO do in a company. there are many other tasks are carried out by a chief operating officer & that all depends on company to company.