Body Language During A Job Interview The Do's & Don'ts

Do you have an interview in near future? follow these body language the do & don'ts during an interview. It's not just what you speak sends a message to other, you body language says more than your words. When you're in an interview from eye contact to posture to the way you fix your hair you should take care of because these thinks also pass on a message to your interviewer. in our today's post we're gonna tell you what should be your body language during an interview so that you can leave a right impression on the interviewer.

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Body Language
Body Language During Job Interview

Job Interview Body Language

Make a great entrance. Experts says that your interview starts even before you enter to the interview room. You never know who gonna take your interview so behave well with every one even if you're on a parking or in the lift. Always keep an smiling on your face.

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Palm-to-palm contact is key. A handshake tells how confident person you're. think about an incident when  someone shake your hand by giving just his fingers, you must have thought why he is not doing a proper hand shake with me, what he is trying to hide. A palm-to-palm hand shake not only shows how confident you're but also sends a signal to the other person that you're comfortable with him. when you do a hand shake during your interview always do a palm-to-palm handshake.

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The right posture.Your posture tell allot about your personality and talks about how serious you are about the job you're being interviewed for. Bad posture e.g Leaning back pass a message that you're either too lazy or too arrogant and if you lean forward it says that you are overaggressive. Make your posture to neutral. you can slightly lean forward but not much but never ever lean back.

The Eye Contact.Making the eye contact is equally important as right posture. When you're sitting in an interview make an eye contact with the interviewer. It shows that you're giving proper attention to him & not neglecting what he/she is saying. Your eye contact make your interviewer more comfortable with you and he/she ask more questions. But keep it mind your eye contact should not be like that it gives a message you're staring. Try to hold your interviewers gaze for one extra second before breaking away.

Pay Equal Attention to People if More Than One Person Interviewing You. It happens many a times that more than one person takes your interview. When you're asked a question, don't only answer the question looking at the person who asked that question rather pay attention to all the person sitting in the room. Always keep an smile on your face so that other feel comfortable with you.

Cross Arms. Arms crossed over your chest signal defensiveness and resistance. Never cross your arms during an interview but always keep them open. Open arms pass a message that you're calm and ready to have a discussion. These small things really pays a lot of role to get selected.

Mirror Image. Research has shown that people hire employees who are like them. Match and mirror your interviewer enough at the beginning of the interview to make him comfortable with you. Try to sit the way he is sitting & use the gesture he is using but all this should be in a limit. He should not feel like you're copying him. 

First impression should be good but last should be better. You must have heard many a time that first impression is the last impression but we says your last impression should be even better. People generally remembers the last think you've done. We recommend our blog readers that they should end up the interview with some good things that the interviewer can recall when he think of you.