Why E-learning is a blessing in disguise?

Technology and Education are the catalysts for empowerment and transformation in every nation. The more they tread on the path of advancement and modernism, the more productive and developed a nation becomes, which in turn means, the people of the nation prosper and bloom. And with a country like India, which is riding high on development index over the past few years, the fusion of the education and technology is bound to bring about a renaissance and change everyone's lives for the better. The economic policies are specially aimed towards bringing in more technological innovations through which our educational opportunities increase and are thus able to reach out to a every nook and corner of the country.

To add value to a nation's human resource, education must have a mass reach and as Amitav Ghosh calls it, dissolve any kind of 'shadow lines' which bifurcate it. This means, a student’s incapacity to physically be present in a class situated in a far fetched land or the inability to transgress the national boundary to pursue a course of one’s choice should not be restricted and here is where technology, will push this very mission forward making education available at everyone's doorsteps. The scientific inventions and developments are constantly evolving since decades now, to connect people in a better way and now is the time when distance education is being promoted and supported in full throttle.

Gone are the days when people had to travel miles to reach schools and other institutes, with E-learning the process of attaining a degree has become more accessible, flexible and affordable. It doesn't matter if you cannot travel to distant lands, because technology has now become a great equaliser, motivating education seekers to move towards a level playing field.

The shift from print textbooks to e-learning tools has been gradual but impactful, since it pleases the eye and the retention rate is high. Anyone who indulges in e-learning can effectively break the shackles of time-bound learning and go back to the lessons as and when required. E-learning has thus become a boon for working professionals, who have an urge to attain higher education without compromising on the professional front. The self paced lessons help you to review and revise the concepts and not be bogged down by time constraints. The option of reviewing the lessons also add on to greater comprehensibility and focus since one can pay attention to details and retain the concepts more effectively.

Technology based learning is mobile has hence gets rid of the need to be physically restrain oneself because of the traditional classroom learning and then there is another dimension to various perks of given by E-learning and that is it is affordable as it saves the cost of living in another campus and the printed study material. Imagine not being able to pursue a course because the University campus is based outside the native country. Since most of us belong to a middle class family structure, affording the tuition fee along with the cost of living and other expenses, discourage most of the talented students to go for their dreams. With the online learning mode, students get an option to study from their dream college at the comfort of their homes and at the same time get the recognized degree from the chosen college.

In a country like ours, where we intend to bring together everyone on common grounds, to achieve mass development, E-learning has now become a ray of hope for students with different learning abilities due to its impersonal touch. Why should a person with special needs be overwhelmed with the amount of textbooks or printed materials or be bogged down due to his/her personal or physical constraints? If equality is what our nation aims to achieve in every aspect than an access to equal means in the arena of education should be the priority and here is when distance education steps in to be the omnipotent force which encourages the spread and easy access of education for everyone.

It would be unfair to view technology as the reason for the decline of traditional classroom based learning. The modus operandi of a distance and online education is to structure and disseminate the curriculum in such a way that it directs towards supporting classroom based learning in the virtual mode. It has only covered the loopholes of traditional classroom based learning so that a holistic intellectual development is possible for the student enrolling in the online mode.

Online mode is basically acting as a link between education and students and helping them connect and learn in a better way. For that matter, the advent of technology in the field of education was primarily focused on boosting the teacher/trainer's efforts by increasing efficiency and productivity. With information, just a few clicks away, effectiveness increases four folds, hence opening up an array of services and options to learn.

The online distance learning programs offered by various universities in our country are a sure shot example of how E-learning is acting as a liberating tool, bringing affordable, high-quality education at everyone's doorsteps.