Why Distance Education is Getting Popular in India?

Distance Education in India
In the recent past, we’ve seen significant growth in distance education popularity in India. 

On the other hand old Universities & Institutions e.g IGNOU, Sikkim ManipalUniversity, IMT Ghaziabad, etc has introduced some new courses & has expended their course offering. 

Why these universities are expanding their reach, why people are attracted to distance education? In our today’s post, we’ll through some light on this & will put our through across you. Hope you’ll agree with us.

Reasons For Distance Education Popularity In India

Unemployment Rate

India is the world’s second-largest country in terms of population. It is among one of the fastest-growing economies in the world but still, a large part of youth in India is unemployed. 

This is one of the biggest hurdles in becoming India a superpower.

Now India's youth has been awake and has started recognizing the power of education. 

The reach of regular courses is still limited in many areas thus students are heading towards distance education. 

This not only gives them access to popular universities in India but they can now get enrolled in the foreign universities of their choice.

Technology Adaptation Among Youth

India is one of the top 10 tech-savvy countries in the world. It also has the world 3rd largest internet population & has 2nd largest mobile phone user base.

The use of technology has embedded in our daily routine. 

The Internet made it convenient to connect with universities beyond boundaries. 

The launch of online education platforms like MOOC has strengthened universities to offer free education to the masses. 

The popularity of the Internet & mobile devices among youth has contributed to the popularity of distance education in India.

Developing MNC Culture in Metro Cities

Lots of multi-national companies are making their debut in Indian market. 

To retain their popularity & reputation they require trained & educated staff. 

This act has provoked a new trend of earn while you learn in India. 

Telecommunication Reach in Rural Areas

70% of the Indian population lives in rural areas.

The reach of telecommunication in rural areas has made internet access available to a significant portion of this population. 

Reach of regular courses is limited in this area and because of various reasons many students are not able to go to urban areas to join a course. 

Thanks to the universities offering distance education, now people from these areas can also join courses like MBA, B.Ed, M.C.A, M.Tech through distance learning and can apply for government & private jobs.

Indian Government Vision

As we said above in this article, India is the world’s fastest-growing economy. Our Ex-President respected A.P.J Abdul Kalam gives us a vision of becoming India a superpower by 2020. 

This vision can only be accomplished when our youth will be educated. 

Our government has realized it early and has already started making education available to the people where higher education was unreachable. 

Without distance learning, it was like a dream to make higher education accessible to these people.

According to us the following are the factors which are behind the popularity of distance education in India. 

If you think there are some other factors that are more important than we mentioned above, feel free to share your views by writing to us at mbafrog@gmail.com. Over to you.