Amity Open Learning - A New Era Of Free Education in India

Last month we published a post on our blog about Google contribution to open source platform Open Edx, and this month we've noticed a significant move in free open learning in India. Recently we found on Amity official website for distance education that the university has started offering free courses through open source MOOC platform. This is indeed a great news for students in India, who always wish to join some online courses but due to high fee they were not able to join.

Amity Open Learning

About Amity open learning courses, Amity university website said
Our Open Learning platform is being developed to give free & open access degree programs & short term courses which can be accessed by anyone, anytime and anywhere.
From the statement it's clear that in future we'll see many more free degree & diploma courses as an offering from Amity Open Learning.

As of now 3 courses are being featured on Amity website in which only one is open for registration and other two are in coming soon category. The program that are being featured are

  1. Bachelor of Arts (Coming Soon) - 3 Years 
  2. Computer Skills (Register Here) - 3 Months
  3. Foundation Course in Language (Coming Soon) - 3 Months
Open learning was a most awaited move from Universities around the web & Google's support to MOOC platform made it achievable. From this move some top universities i.e Harvard & MIT has already joined this bandwagon & has started offering open learning courses.

This open learning platform will surely help working professionals to enhance their skills from the office desk. Now students will be able to get a degree from the comfort of their sofa. Housewives will be able to continue their education & Students from Tier 2 & Tier 3 places will join the best colleges around the web.

Amity's Open Learning platform is a leap in Founder President Dr. Ashok K Chauhan's mission statement
My mission is nation building through education & beyond. 
For all the courses offered from Amity Open Learning, the core faculty will comprises academicians from the best institutions of AMITY University and leading professionals from the corporate world.

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As of now we've a little information about Amity Open Learning, Soon we'll bring some more insights about the platform. Till then you can subscribe to our newsletter from the top right & we'll keep you updated about all the happening in open & distance learning in India.