Salary Negotiation - Tips to Do it Right Way

Salary Negotiation
Salary Negotiation Tips: Most of people get a pay which is much lower than what they actually deserve & there is only one reason behind it, they must have not negotiate the salary during the interview. It's a common practice perform by HR to hire quality people at a lower salary. Every company require quality people to grow but due to budget constraint they always try to negotiate the salary as much as possible. Very few people know that when a company made an offer to someone, it reserve 20-30% reserve in hand, so that if a candidate ask them to negotiate they can make a higher offer. But it has been seen that generally people accept the offer in first go thus lose a good amount of money which they might can get.

In our today's post we'll try to give you some Salary Negotiation Tips which will help you to negotiate the salary in future the right way.

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In every interview, an interviewer generally ask this question "what is your expected salary" or "what salary are you expecting from us". When even you have been ask this question, always be ready with your expectation & negotiate it right way.

Salary Negotiation Tips

Do Some Research Before Going for an Interview

Knowing about what others are getting for the similar profile always helps. To know about this you can simply ask your job consultant about what the company is offering for this profile or you can do some research on internet. Website like can help you give you an idea about the industry standards based on your location. You can also take a help of your Facebook friends who are  into the same profile or can ask question with your circle at LinkedIn.

Hit the Bell at the Right Time

It's common practice that interviewer ask about your salary expectation. leaving this question with no answer or saying it round way will not get you a good salary. speak up what you expect from the company & why you deserve the salary you're asking for. Be straight forward and confidently share your salary expectation. But remember one thing wait for the question to come your way rather you start asking about the salary. Starting the discussion first about the salary sometime go negative for you.

Negotiate on Performance Linked Incentives

Sometimes companies put a threshold on salary for a particular profile and leave you with no other option to accept or not to accept the offer made to you. If you come across with this situation, you can ask your interviewer if there are some performance linked incentive plan, we are sure there will be something. Negotiate on these incentive and try to meet your expectation adding the incentives. Some companies give offer with fixed+variable salary, try to negotiate on fixed part and try to increase it's share as much as possible.

Talk About the Offer You Have Got From Some Other Company

This works really well & helps you to get a better offer. If you've got an offer from some other company, talk about it at the time of negotiation and ask some more salary that you have already been offered. In most of the cases we've seen company give a good hike on the offer already made to you. Try to show them the benefits to the organization if you'll join it.

Sell Yourself

This is the best way to get the best salary. Tell them about your experience & achievements you made in your previous company. Tell interviewer what you can do if you got a chance to work for the company. Talk about your qualification & future goals. Show them that you're looking for a long term relation with the organization. You can only get a salary which you're expecting only if you'll sell you the right way.

Be flexible

Sometimes company don't mind offer good salary to people who are flexible with work timings and are ready to devote some more time to the organization of required. Tell them you're ready to work in flexible timings and can work for the company for long hours if required. You can be flexible to some other conditions that you think can be managed by you to get some good offer.

Believe in Yourself & make The Interviewer believe in You

Without believing in yourself you can never get a good offer. During the whole interview process believe in yourself & also make the interviewer believe in you. Show them you're the best match for the profile & you possess all the skill set that is required for the position. When you believe in you, you got some confident within & you present yourself in a better way in front of interviewer.

Hope the above mentioned salary negotiation tips will help you negotiate the salary in right way & will help you get the salary you deserve.

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