Google to Work With Open edX to Improve MOOC System Globally

To make education more accessible through technology, IT giant Google has started working with edX to contribute to open source platform called Open edX. Last year Google had released Course Builder, an experimental platform for online education at scale. Now Google is moving it's courses from Course Builder to Open edX for further innovate on an open source MOOC platform. Google recently talked about it on its open source blog.

Now Google will work together with edX to further innovate on an open source MOOC platform & will contribute to edX's new site MOOC.Org . MOOC will be a new service for online learning which will allow any academic institution, business and individual to create and host online courses.

Google will use it's infrastructure & research capabilities so that the goal can be meet much faster. Both Google & edX has a same mission i.e to strengthen online learning. With the help of this platform institutions & universities can  easily bring their content online & can build a better relationship with their students.

Google clarifies in the post that they appreciate the community which has been build around their Course Builder platform & they will still maintain Course builder but now their more focus will be on Open edX. Google also said that they're looking forward for MOOC.Org platform development. In future they will update Course Builder to edX's MOOC platform. Now people from around the globe will be able to build online courses using Google's technology & MOOC platform. Now students will be benefited in the form of more online courses build around latest technology.

We believe that not only institutions, Businesses & individuals will also be benefited from this platform & will get opportunities to build some online courses. 
Anant Agarwal, the president of edX, said in a statement that the new partnership with Google will help his nonprofit organization expand and grow distance learning opportunities around the world.
We hope that this platform will open a completely new way for distance education industry to deliver courses & will provide ample amount of opportunity to students to get access to courses which earlier were not available in online medium.

Although Google has lots of hope from this project but still they clarifyon their blog....
Our industry is in the early stages of MOOCs, and lots of experimentation is still needed to find the best way to meet the educational needs of the world.
MBAFrog team appreciate the initiative taken by Google & we strongly believe that we'll experience a new way of learning in coming future.