Need of the Hour: Techno-Managers Needed for the TELECOM Sector

Telecom Sector
Problem: The present era has seen a tremendous growth in Telecom Scenario with the liberalization of the Telecom Industry. However the recent change in the attitude of policy makers combined with high degree of competition has resulted in the crash in profit margins and thrown up many challenges for every telecom operator. The sector seems to be growing fast but the focus has shifted from the ‘Service based Market’ to the ‘Customer based Market’. The need of the hour is professional Techno-managers who understand the pulsating environment, can blend technology and management and apply it to business to run it efficiently and undoubtedly with the objectives of social good, profit being one of them. There is therefore a great demand for trained Telecom professionals who not only have a holistic view of the industry but are also be able to cope with the adversities thrown up by the global economy. A major challenge before a telecom executive is to understand the environment in which industry operates and to extract value out of changing markets. For enabling executives to forecast market developments correctly and to determine their organization’s optimal positioning and pricing strategy, a targeted, high-level management strategy and marketing training for updating their knowledge, skills, and attitudes is the need of the hour. Technical knowledge and management skills required for planning, procurement, efficient operation, and evaluation of telecommunication systems are the focus areas of management education for the ever evolving Telecom sector.

Solution: As Training not only improves the proficiency level but also helps to increases the productivity, hence, to keep pace with the developments in the happening fields such as Telecom, continuous Training of the personnel becomes indispensable. MTNL which has been a pioneer in introducing new technologies, has  taken a  the lead to join hands with WeSchool to  launch Telecom Management courses, to provide a platform for the aspiring  professionals  and empower them to face the modern day challenges and cater to the present and future needs of the telecom industry. Initially, two courses , a Post graduate Program and Certificate in Telecom Marketing and Management have been designed to meet the individual as well as organizational need. Education like this  offers participants an opportunity to learn and master the management and business skills relevant to the increasingly converging platforms of telecommunications, information technology, the Internet and broadcasting, through expert-led lectures, workshops, real-time case studies and an ongoing comprehensive case competition tying together all functional areas.

Employees of the companies operating in Telecom Ecosystem and aspiring students and working professionals focused on pursuing career with in the Telecom ecosystem will find this opportunity a solid stepping stone to lucrative careers.   With voice and data taking center stage in telecom sector, opportunities in manufacturing / marketing/ installation/ commissioning and maintenance of equipment as well as infrastructure will open up for teams to face the challenges of the present revolution and also reap the benefits from it.

This awesome articles has been contributed to MBA Frog by Shri A K Srivastav, General Manager (Training), MTNL - Center for Excellence in Telecom Technology and Management (CETTM )

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