Is it Good To Do MBA in Correspondence or Distance Education?

Now everyone on internet knows that is a leading blog about distance education MBA in India & thousands of students rely on us for searching information about various distance learning management courses. Today of our blog reader ask me a question. The question was very simple " Is it Good to do MBA in Correspondence?" this question trigger me to write a post on the topic because i though many of students like him must be having this question in their mind. I've researched on internet & found on various other blogs & forum students do ask these kind of questions. They even ask "Is it good to do MBA after B.Sc, B.Pharma, M.Tech etc". Some other ask Is it good to do MBA along with my Job. To give answer of all the question mentioned above today i'm writing to this post.
correspondence learning vs regular courses

The answer of above mentioned question is, YES it is worth doing a MBA degree through Correspondence or Distance Education and here are the reasons.

Joint approval from DEC, UGC & AICTE

We all know universities need a prior approval from UGC to offer a valid degree, similar to regular courses institutions offering distance learning courses also required a valid approval from Distance Education Council, which is an epic body to authorize any institution to offer distance leaning courses. All distance learning courses which is being offered by any institution approved from DEC are as worth doing as a regular one.

Accepted in Public & Private Sector

As i've told you that all institutions offering distance learning courses required an approval from DEC to offer a valid degree. This approval makes these courses accepted in both private & public sector. Students having a MBA degree through distance learning mode generally gets the same treatment during an interview as a candidate with regular degree. So if you've a doubt that if you'll get a MBA degree from any distance learning institution will not be accepted in public & private companies, let me clear you on this, these degrees are 100% accepted.

Sectoral MBA Courses

Sectoral MBA courses are specialized MBA courses focused on a specific sector e.g MBA in Healthcare Managment, MBA in Tourism & Travel Management. Students wants to make their career into management of a specific sector but have doubt if it will be better to go for a MBA degree after their graduation e.g B.Sc, B.Pharma, there is a good news for these kind of students, there are many universities like ICFAI, which offer these sectoral MBA courses. Students can join these courses & can make their career in the field they want.

Highly Flexible

Unlike regular courses where you've to attend the classes on a daily basis and you end up with no time for other work, distance learning courses allows you to study at the time you prefer. When you join a distance learning course, universities send you study material at your doorstep & also make some study material available online that you can refer at the time of study. You also get chance to interact with faculty members during personal contact program (PCP).

Highly Affordable

If you're planning to do you MBA through distance learning, here is a good news for you. The fee of these courses are almost 1/10th of the regular MBA. That means you can get your degree from universities like Pondicherry university or IGNOU in less than 50,000 INR. So students who can't afford fee of regular MBA courses, a course through distance learning may solve their problem.

Hope this post will clear your doubt "is it good or bad for you to join a distance education course". It's always person's own approach towards learning which makes him successful or failure. A degree can only draw a path for the success but at the end you've to decide how to travel on that path.