Customer Service Interview Questions and Answers

Customer Service Interview Questions and Answers
Customer service interview questions are those questions by which interviewer can identify the qualities in you as per job requirement like you understand the role of customer service in the organization or not, you are target specific or not, you are experienced or not, you are capable to manage the customers or not, etc. We advice you to prepare the following customer service interview questions and answers before going for your next customer service interview.

Here are some customer service interview questions and answers that you may be asked in interviews. The questions are following:-
How would you define great customer service?
Interviewer asked this question to separate the best and exceptional candidates from the other candidates as many candidates doesn't give the appropriate answer of this question. You need not to focus on the customer's problem and customer's complaints while giving the answer of this question. You need to focus on the customer satisfaction, maintain a relationship with customer, generate positive growth of the company in the global market, etc.
How would you deal with an angry customer who is threatening to take their business somewhere else?
It is the fact that almost every customer service company deals with angry and irritated customers daily and it is impossible to resolve the complaints of every customer. So, it’s the customer service representative duty that he/she deals with these type of customers very calmly and listen their doubts & complaints carefully. You have to provide all the possible resolutions to the angry customers and try your level best to solve his/her problem, so that the reputation of company will maintain.
When would it be appropriate to initiate contact with a client?
As this is a trick question, interviewer asked this question to know your response about this. Many companies have made policies that you can initiate contact with a client only when company permit him. But in some companies, only those candidates are selected who are willing to take the initiatives. So, you have to answer according to the company policies and procedures.
Can you give us a specific example of a time when you have had to solve a complicated problem for a disgruntled client or customer?
This question confirms your selection, if you answer this question very well and unique. If you are a experienced candidate then you have a no. of examples by which you can give the answer of this question. If you are not a experienced candidate then you should talked about any instance in your life when you helped a client or customer when customer is in very complicated problem. The example you give to interviewer should be best so that your selection probability increase as compared to other candidates.
Give us an example of a time when you failed to adequately address a customer’s needs and/or lost the customer.
Some people thinks that customer service is an easy task. But it's not like that, It is a very complicated business activity. So, when you give answer to this question to the interviewer, be honest and definite with the interviewer. And one thing must be remembered that you should not explain the worst experience or example with the customer when you give the answer of this question to the interviewer.
Here are some other important interview questions regarding customer service representative, which helps you to improve your skills and temperament in the field of customer service representatives.
Tell me about your last or current position?
In the above question, you have to mention your last or current designation in the present or last company you worked.
What did you love and what didn’t you like?
You have to give the answer of this question about your likes and dislikes. Your likes and dislikes both are related to the job offered by the company. Don' describe your love life and personal likes and dislikes in this question.
Tell me about problems with the products or services you previously supported?
In this question, you have to explain the reason of leaving the previous job but remember one thing don't say any problem which is also related to the job offered by this company.
What things on your resume are you really an expert on?
Your resume will be short & brief and enough to explain all your qualities and expertise, so that you can said you are expert on all things in your resume without any hesitation.
How do you respond when you don’t know the answer to a question?
When you don't know the answer of any question, then don't worry and tell the interviewer that you have no idea about it. Don't give a wrong or any answer, which can give a bad impact.
The customer is saying you’re taking too long to solve the issue, what do you do?
When you are taking too much time to solve any problem or issue of any customer or client and even client is also got frustrated then you satisfy your client with your convincing skills that this a major issue or problem and didn't solve within few sec or minutes. This will take so much time as we are solving this issue permanently.

These are the some common interview question of customer service representatives which are asked by the interviewer. Some more questions will be updated soon on our website.