Competency Based Interview Questions and Sample Answers

Going for an Interview? Are you prepared for the questions an interviewer may ask you? Are you prepared for the Competency Based Interview Questions? 

An interviewer may ask you questions about various competencies related to a specific job. There are various competencies about leadership, independence, teamwork and creativity.
Competency Based Interview Questions

Competency Based Interview Questions

We have prepared a list of questions related to various competencies. Take a look.


An interviewer may ask you a question about how do you handle a change. For example, the interviewer may ask you "Tell me about a time when you were asked to do something you had never done before. How did you react? What did you learn?"


An interviewer may ask questions to get an insight of how creative you are. You may be asked a question like "Tell us about a time when you developed an unconventional approach to solving a task. How did you develop it and what challenges you face with it?"


Tell us a situation when you changed your approach in the middle of any task. How you decide to change your approach and why? Have you ever performed a task which you haven`t done before? How you prepared for such task?


Leadership is required at every stage of life so does in the job. The interviewer may ask "What challenges do you face to improve your team performance and how you face them?"

Decision Making

Decision making is a crucial part of a job. An interviewer is always keen to know your decision making power in a worse situation. He/she can ask a question that how would you take a decision which is necessary to be taken but it is unpopular among people?

These are some questions an interviewer is likely to ask you in a competency based interviews. Now take a look at how you can answer to these questions.

The interviewer can easily judge to your positive and negative points through these competency based interview questions. Your measure will be defined by an analysis of how you deal with a particular competency.  The positive measures will be contributing to team work, playing a key role in team, able to take decisions and whether you can lead others or not. The negative measures will be that you are not able to take decisions properly. You are failed to lead others. You are not able to handle the current situation.

It is easy to get nervous while you are answering to some competency questions. But the one thing you should keep in mind is that always be patient and relax while answering to these questions. The best possible way to answer to these questions is to imagine yourself in that situation which an interviewer wants to put you in. Once you have imagined that situation, think what you will do if you have to deal with this situation. After doing this, you probably can answer to the question. Always remember you should be honest, clear and modest in answering these questions. You are expected to demonstrate how you have actually acted up in your past.

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