Why MBA After B-Tech Considered To Be A Good Option

There is a recent trend going on, B-Tech students heading towards joining a business school. At first it might sound wired that why people wants to do an MBA degree when they might get a great career after doing M-Tech.

Well, this is a topic of debate.

In our today's post we're putting up our views in-front of you, why MBA degree is a good option after B-tech.

mba after b-tech

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Top B-Schools Admission Statistics

If we look at the admission statistics of top Business School in India like IIM, ISB, XLRI, FMS etc, we'll find one thing common in all i.e they prefer students with engineering background. Business school prefers students from diversified education background to make everyone's learning experience even better and among all the education background, they prefer students with engineering background.

Risk Taking Power & Innovation

It has been seen that the risk taking capability of engineering students is higher compared to students with other education background. Companies loves to recruit people who has a risk taking capability & can do some innovation. When technical skills meet managerial skills innovations happens.

Money Matters

Money matters for everyone. It's a true fact that MBA's get a better salary package compared to engineering students. If have a leader in you & have a passion to lead an organization B-tech with MBA degree is a perfect combination for you.


In every top business school you can easily find students wants to setup their own business after MBA. To learn all aspects of business many students do an MBA after their engineering degree. To run a successful business you've to be a master of everything.

Market Demand

Of course there is a huge demand for MBA's with a B-tech degree in the market. To fight against the present   competitive market scenario, companies prefer people which have a technical mindset with managerial skills. A person with technical background, technical exposure & managerial skills become unbeatable in current business conditions.