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Today is a great day for MBAFrog, as you all know we're always committed to give you more insights on various distance education management courses in India. Today We're highly thankful to Prof Dr Uday Salunkhe, who contributed this article to MBA Frog & discussed the uniqueness of distance education courses offered by We School. We hope after reading to this article you'll know why PGDM offered by Welingkar Institute of Management is one of the top distance education management course in India.  
Distance learning programs, a golden opportunity to pursue your dream of higher education while pursuing careers in the corporate world simultaneously...
Prof Dr Uday Salunkhe, Group Director – Prin. L.N .Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research advices …

Prof Dr Uday Salunkhe
In today’s cut-throat environment of business, a degree from a good management institute matters a lot and adds immense value to one’s profile. A majority of people have to start their careers immediately after passing out of the degree college because of diverse factors such as lack of motivation, personal constraints or family responsibilities. Everyone is not able to pursue the dream of a higher education. A few may try unsuccessfully while some may turn back to look at it as a lost opportunity. But now, hybrid distance learning programs offer a golden opportunity to pursue a dream of higher education while following a career in the corporate world. Employment opportunities are multifold, the value of management education is growing and with high attrition levels, corporates too are encouraging employees to enhance their level of education and sponsoring programs offered by reputed management institutions like WeSchool.

However, the factor that affects the Distance Learning Programs on offer is that they need a candidate to reach the designated venue of study for contact programs on a regular basis and this may be a real hurdle for the working youth. In such a scenario, only when a committed entity in the higher education space with resources to innovate and deliver world- class inputs to the students comes to the fore, one can expect a really good effect to come through, creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Prin. L.N .Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research (WeSchool) one of the leading Business schools in Asia, with impeccable accreditation and recognition from various national and international organizations, offers of PGDM Program in the Distance Learning space with many unique features ,that open up avenues of new learning and offer continued career growth for the working executive/manager/entrepreneur /or a simple housewife who wants to return to the corporate workforce after fulfilling her domestic  responsibilities.

The quality of education at WeSchool is acknowledged for its innovative edge and also for the updated knowledge it provides to the students. The idea behind PGDM – DLP at WeSchool, is that the students do not have to move out of their convenient locations, there is no disruption of their professional lives and are still given the best of all the educational inputs that are specially created and designed for them.

Distance learning programmes often focus on the convenience factor and overlook mentioning their unique features. Here are some of the distinct features that set WeSchool apart from other players in the space. Instead of just providing heavy reading material for which the student may not be able spare time due to hectic work schedule, WeSchool has devised a strategy so that the learners learn in the most interactive environment created by the technology.

As a part of the Virtual Classroom Faculty (VCF) the Institute conducts LIVE lecture sessions from its campus studios. The student can utilize the virtual classroom facility with an adequately facilitated computer, a unique methodology whereby the student gets a direct access to the faculty and is able to interact. In case a student is not able to attend virtual classroom lectures, he can still refer to the video lectures for all subjects from WeLecture section. In order that students are always in touch with the studies, Welingkar has initiated WeTube and Newswire Services. Wetube is a series of video lectures on contemporary topics specially delivered by experts in various management fields, uploaded periodically on the NET section. Newswire Services is a daily info service about the latest developments in the field, linked to the specialization of the student and available to him through the link on website. Recently an online platform, WeLounge is designed to disseminate a wide spectrum of views of successful people in their respective fields. WeSchool invites dignitaries from various walks of life and interviews them on how they achieved success in their respective professions and these learnings are shared with the students through the website.

WeSchool has given a new dimension to the meaning of Distance Learning Program, due to the most innovative processes imbibed in the curriculum and also by contributing to the overall development of students through the unique ALPHA, BETA and GAMMA modules as well as value added workshops.  The ALPHA and BETA programs are conducted on weekends to bring an orientation to the students in the way they should look at things around them and relate their experiences to real life situations. The programs are designed to inculcate communication skills, confidence building, problem - solving, conflict resolving and Division of responsibilities and role allocation. Once the students are conditioned to the nuances of real life experiences, the DLP program puts them on to GAMMA module which is conducted once in three months in the lap of Himalayan mountains. This module is specifically designed to imbibe Development of leadership skills, time management, goal setting, achieving targets with results in mind, tenacity-resilience-endurance and GO POWER.   Some of the topics of the workshops are, Art of influencing, Networking skills, Sales Management, Creative thinking, NLP (Positive Living) etc. These activities are geared towards incorporating positive leadership traits in these slightly late entrants to management education.

All the students enrolling for PGDM- DLP are encouraged to undergo a 2-day soft skill program through experiential learning methodology. Apart from getting updated on methodology, they also earn additional bonus marks for attending this extremely stimulating and enriching outdoor program. 

Another exclusive feature of Welingkar PGDM-DLP that many candidates may not be aware of, is that an array of specializations awaits them in the second year i.e. Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations, Supply Chain, Banking, etc. These specializations are updated keeping in view the recent trends in the market and the new dynamics of the industry, e.g. HR has subjects like Recruitment Management, International HRM, etc. and Marketing has subjects like Customer Centric Organization.

It is also noticed that the facilities of Placement Support Services are usually not available for Distance Learning Program students. WeSchool is an exception as it has made mark in this respect and such services are available on an exclusive basis.

The PGDM- DLP course structure has been so designed that the students can have the flexibility of appearing for mid- term examinations online and term-ending examinations at many specified centers so that, they do not have to move far away from their locations. 

The eligibility criteria for admission to the PGDM- DLP are:
  • Graduate from any recognized University.
  • Diploma from a recognized Polytechnic with 3-years supervisory experience after attaining Diploma.
  • Final Year Degree students could be admitted subject to the condition that the admission will be confirmed only when they submit attested photocopies of their Degree Certificate and final year mark sheets. 

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