Resume key skills : some examples of key skills to put on a resume

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Key Skills (Adaptive & transferable) is one of the major section in your resume (CV). Here you can show off the skills that you posses & can fetch the attention of your prospective employers towards your candidature. It's mostly used to support your resume objective or summary of qualifications.

We recommend you to tailor this section in you resume as per the skills required for the job. The best source to find what to include in this section is "the job description". The job description is all what need to know about the recruiters requirements & to show that you meet the requirements you can include some desired skills ask by the employer into your resume key skills section.

But if you still need some help from us, here are some examples of key skills to put on a resume.

Basic Key Skills Examples

Team Player
Business Acumen
Negotiation and persuasion
Problem solving
Highly Motivated
Ability to work under pressure

Transferable Key Skills Examples

Plan and arrange events
Listens attentively
Leads group discussions
Persuades others
Confidently speaks in public
Works well with others
Accepts responsibility
Handle complaints
Speak a foreign language (specify language)
Coordinate fundraising activities
Assesses situations
Manages projects effectively
Plans and arranges activities
Manages conflict
Delegates responsibility
Implements decisions
Enforces policies
Explain things to others
Run meetings

Above are the few examples of key skills that you may put in your resume. There could be many more others as well. If you have some good examples in mind feel free to share with us and if  like your examples we'll include them in our resume key skills list.