Top Resume Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Top resume mistakes that can take you away from the job you applied for. You probably have listen to the fact that opportunity knocks only once at the door and this best applies when you submit your resume for a job. Resume is your first point of contact that you made with your prospective employer and your interview call is totally depends on your resume. You may not get a call from the prospective employer if your resume  has the following mistakes.

It's recommended to modifying your resume for each position to showcase your achievements and professionalism, and to demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the job. But be sure to do so with clean, clear content and easy-to-read formatting.

Here are some mistakes that candidate to while writing a resume for a job.

Long & Off The Topic

A recruiter has to go through hundreds of resume during the day to select some candidate to call for the interview. A long written and off the topic resume is likely to be rejected by the recruiter. Your resume should tell about how you'll make or save money, generate new business, resurrect and retain existing clients or customers, expand and build relationships, and just make their world a safer and more pleasant place. Keep in mind your resume is meant for to show your achievements, experience & qualification. recruiter is not interested to read other irrelevant stories.

Highlight About Your Current Company Profile & Achievements

Keep in mind the recruiter is interested in you and not in your company. highlighting about your company profile & achievement is totally irrelevant and considered to be a fatal mistake. Rather your resume should highlight about your achievements & career profile.

No Connection To Employer Need

As we've mentioned in our last post "Resume Writing Tips", you should tailor your resume for every job you applied for because every job require some different set of skills. Sending the resume which highlights your skills which is not related to the skills required by the employer makes you far away from an interview call.

Cover Letter

A well-written cover letter is a sales tool that will ensure your resume will be read. Make sure you draft a cover letter mention your introduction, goals & how you best fit for the job. It has been seen candidate don't draft a cover letter while sending a resume for the job. Your cover letter should be well formatted and to the point.

Misspellings and Grammatical Error 

A small misspelling or grammatical error can kill your resume completely. In this technology world there are thousands of tools available to check these mistakes. Use any reliable tool to check any such error before sending your resume for a job.

Resume Objective Which Doesn't Match the Job

People use objective statements in resume to draw a quick attention of recruiter but sometimes an objective which doesn't match the job could lead to neglect your resume by the recruiter. In our last post we'd mentioned some resume objective statements, we recommend you to go thru that post.

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