Distance Learning MBA Vs Full Time Regular MBA Which is Better

Distance Learning MBA

Today we're answering a common question which many of our blog readers has asked to us "Distance Learning MBA Vs Full Time MBA". We've seen many students in dilemma while choosing an MBA Course, they always ask a question which is the better programme among two. As we know both of these courses offer a degree than why someone not get a degree from the comfort from home.

Thanks to penetration of technology in education sector. Since the high-speed internet has become affordable & universities offering distance education has adopted technology as a medium to provide education, a distance learning MBA course has become more popular among the students.

Lets through some light on factors that will make you more comfortable to choose the right programme for yourself.


Time is one of the major factor which play a major role in you decision to choose the right programme for you.  A full time mba required you to dedicated a full two years to your education. you can't do anything else while doing a full time MBA programme. On the other hand a distance learning MBA course gives you flexibility to study from the ease of your home at the time you want.


Money is another important factor in the decision process. generally you've to pay 10 times more to do a full time mba course compare to distance learning MBA.


No doubt students do a full time course preferred by recruiters. They get more job offers compare to students doing distance learning course. Distance learning MBA courses are more popular among the working professionals because it help him getting a promotion with higher salary.

Peer Learning

We learn from our surrounding environment. A full time MBA programme provide us an environment where we can learn from our peers. On the other hand Distance MBA lack this factor but for working professionals it gives a chance to implement the learning in practical environment. Both of the learning mode has there own advantages & disadvantages.

Both of the MBA programmes are best in there own place. It depends on a person preference which program suits him better. Because of the ease of learning & facility to choose a university you want makes distance learning MBA a preffered choice for working professionals.