Amity University Distance Education BBA Fees Admission 2024

Amity Distance BBA

Considering a lot of variables and crucial factors with respect to education, distance learning was implemented by various universities all over the globe. Initially, people were not finding it useful due to the communication hardship which isn’t the case anymore. Distance education is available all those who have even limited Internet access irrespective of their geographical location.

Today, we will discuss one such university – Amity which excels in delivering a balanced and thorough distance learning programs for many UG and PG courses. One such course is BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration offered by Amity.

About Amity University

Amity University is one of the leading institutions in producing world-class professionals for various fields. With constant updates and refined reaching techniques, Amity uses technological advancement to their advantage to reach every corner of the country with the opportunity to pursue UG and PG courses. The anytime anywhere concept is very much applicable to distance learning with exclusive webinars to follow.

Well-equipped infrastructure with knowledgeable staff to back up the curriculum, Amity offers academic assistance, online counseling, required study material and webinars to ensure that the knowledge being imparted is accurate and the most updated one with respect to the current business practices.

Another factor to highlight would be the placement cells offered by Amity University, with shocking placement numbers to prove their success rate.

BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration

Being one of the finest degree courses for Commerce students, BBA offers a lot of options to build a career or continue with further studies in the same distance learning method. This 3 year – 6-semester program covers an in-depth study of business concepts, management, and administration sectors.

The curriculum covers every aspect of a business with respect to business skill set, real-time management, and decision making.

Amity follows the credit grading system and every subject will have a certain amount of credit to earn every semester. Subjects like Business Economics, Business Law, Cost and Managerial Account, System Analysis and Design and similar topics cover every aspect with respect to managing any type of business.

Admission Process

Every university will have a set of protocol to follow and it is the same with Amity. Since the course is online, you have the option to apply for the same online. Remember that there is no fee to register for a course and you will need to make the payment for the course only when you have submitted required documents.

You can apply for any offered courses by visiting Amity website. Once you have registered and applied for the course, you will be redirected to the payment section. If you are not willing to submit the application online, you can call 1-800-102-3434 and press 1 to speak with one of their customer service associates for other options. 

Applying online is the easiest part and you would need to provide accurate information matching the documents that you furnish for verification by the university. There are 3 steps to complete the registration:
  • Filled application
  • Payment
  • Uploading relevant documents
As soon as the documents are verified, an enrollment number will be generated. The same information will be sent to you via email that you have shared in the application. There is defense concession with a different fee structure and you would need to call the same above number to check it out.


The documents that you provide along with the information entered in the application will be verified by the University and the application will be accepted or rejected. This decision is solely under the University’s discretion.

The mandatory document which fulfills the eligibility criteria are:
  • 10th or equivalent certificate
  • 12th or equivalent certificate
  • Diploma certificate
  • Attested copies of all the required documents (both ID and address proof) has to be uploaded
Once the verification is complete and everything is accurate, your application will be accepted. Only after the payment, your student login information will be sent to you via email, please provide a valid email since all the information will be communicated through it.

Payment Process

You are welcome to make use of two types of payment options. The demand draft (DD) or the online payment is accepted by Amity University. There are a few points to remember while making a payment via these two options:
  • Demand draft should be in the name of Amity University Online payable at Noida. Please enter your name and the course on the back of the DD
  • A credit card is accepted and you can pay online via the website
  • Fund transfer from any bank is also accepted, please find the needed information online
  • Online Transfer directly from your bank account is also acceptable, please ensure to send the copies of receipt through emails once the payment has been made
  • EMI options are also available but only for HDFC credit cards
  • Please make the payment once you are aware of clearing all the eligibility criteria since payments are not refundable under any circumstances.
Ensure that you have provided the required information to Amity via email once the payment is complete to ensure that University applies for this payment in your name and to avoid any hassle.

Fee Structure

The course is semester based and so is the fee structure. You could make a one-time payment for all semesters or timely semester payments or even use the EMI option depending on your convenience. This is the fee structure for each semester for BBA course.

Amount in Rs.
Semester I
Semester II
Semester III
Semester IV
Semester V
Semester VI

There is a concession of Rs. 10000 if you make a one-time payment for the entire 3-year course. You will only need to pay Rs. 112200.

Final Thoughts

The distance learning methods are well versed and way past the experimental phase. You might be hesitating to opt for it however, it is one the best ways to learn without attending the classes and attain graduation with an excellent opportunity provided by Amity University Online.