How To Get A Job in Google, Facebook, Amazon After MBA in India

We are living in a time where getting a job is a herculean, difficult, and in a way monotonous as well as a demotivating task. 

The hope is swinging till the time you do not get the job. 

There are several questions popping up every single minute, questioning your skills and life actions so far, but it all proves to be worth it when you finally land that dream job. 

But why cross so many tectonic emotional hurdles; avoid this luggage of negative confusion as we here list top 10 tips that can assist you in landing a job in mammoth companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

How To Get A Job in Google, Facebook, Amazon After MBA in India

Get the “qualitative” working experience and not the “qualitative”: 

Companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon are build by thinkers and not scorers so these companies recognize the quality of experience. Make sure the experience you are going to put on your resume, is worth been questioned!

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Get that coding skills expertise and not “just” the certification: 

Giant companies like Google knows the truth behind the codes. Build something of your own, out of the ordinary that can be an evidence of your dedication and not just certification push. HRs recognize the efforts done out of the box to come across the table with them. Run that extra mile.

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Avoid the direct route of “posting on company’s website” and go through the referrals, internship and campus recruitment process: 

Applying through any of the modes apart from the direct website submission will help you cross two stages byself. Prefer campus recruitments, as screening is much simpler and countable, find that internal link who can be your voice inside the office already and the best is occupy an internship seat within these companies. The best way to enter by far is the internship module.

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Make friends with a direct Google/Amazon/Facebook recruiter: 

LinkedIn is the most popular portal that can make you reach out to any of the biggies in the industry, the best part is that they will listen. Mail the recruiters your resume after having a conversation with them. This will help you get that extra edge of support and recognition and acknowledgment.

Become that “T-shaped” person: 

Facebook, Google, and Amazon specifically have an eye for the T-shaped person who are robustly skilled in “that” one specific skill. Instead of loading yourself with random experience from this company to that company, sit, work hard and develop that one skill of yours that sets you apart. Chances are that you will book the special attention of the recruiters that you deserve.

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Avoid writing down your GPA on the resume: 

When you write down your GPA, you are giving chance to the recruiters to either judge you too much (in case of high GPA) or develop a perception that can lead to quick rejection ( in case of less GPA). Since GPA is just a number and would never ever in years grade your dedication and talents, the right thing to do is to scratch that doubtful number off your resume. Impress them with your confidence, experience, and devotion.

Don’t apply straight after graduation:

In case you were not campus recruited, then, instead of jumping the gun, refine your skills and work for a startup or an entrepreneur. Startups today provide that extra edge you need to get into any of these big shot companies. Learn, fail, learn again and then continue the process for at least three years till the time you are confident about your experience and expertise as well. If you apply straight after your college then the GPA on your sheet will put you on a tough spot, in every way, either good or bad.

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Juice up your resume with extracurricular activities and accomplishments: 

This might not be important in your schooling days but will be when it comes to strategic companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. If you are applying from the campus or straight after college then one singular thing apart from your internship experience that can back up the chances of your selection is extra-curricular activities. The more debates you have won, the more scores you have attained for your soccer team, will help you get the eye of the recruiter. Recruiters never like a straight focused person, which both your high or low GPA can speak out.

Develop that track record of “open source projects”: 

Until and unless you have an outstanding track record of contribution towards an “open source project” then chances of yours getting inside that glittery office are pretty slim. Get some impressive projects under your belt and that judgemental GPA of yours will get neglected.

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Show some passion in your work:

It is difficult to do this till the time you have no experience but still, you have to represent some extraordinary passion in your interview apart from that regular line “I love your company’s work”. Run an extra mile and get noticed with your extraordinary energy that can help you make a huge difference.

Getting a job is also not that hard if you have your skills, dedication, and concentration all at one single place. Strive, learn and keep exploring till the time you get that dream job. Keep reading and thriving!!