How to Apply for a Job Through Email? In-Depth Guide With Sample Email?

Tips On Applying for a Job Through Email with Email Sample

In today’s technological world, there are many ways to know about the latest job openings. There are different methods to apply for a job as well. There are many portals and websites available on which we can directly apply for the job. But, basic and a most followed way for the job application is through email.

Job application consists of following things:

  • Subject line
  • Body of the email
  • Attach Resume
  • Closing

Subject line

The subject line should provide two basic information i.e. job applicant name and the job profile for which you are applying. Recruiters receive many emails from job applicants. It becomes difficult for them to give equal importance to every application. Subject line makes it easier for them to easily search the right resume and contact the right person for the job. The syntax for subject line should be

Job Position – Your Name

An example of the subject line:

Subject: Information Security Director – Suresh Malhotra

The Body of the Email:

It is highly suggested to not leave the body of the mail empty. The body of the email should be between 100-150 words and should be able to give a brief about the applicant qualification and experience. This part of the email is most important as the recruiter would view this part even before the resume. You can make notes in the notepad or save sample email in the draft folder before sending the mail.  This would help in making sure that you covered all the relevant points in the body of the mail. You should start by greeting the recruiter and then by telling about the source from where you come to know about the open job position. This part contains three paragraphs which are explained below:

Paragraph 1:

This paragraph should give brief about you and the reason behind the mail. You can also include your experience and current profile. The main objective of this paragraph is the introduction so that the recruiter does not need to open the resume just to know the name and your current profile. You should also mention the source from where you come to know about the job vacancy and recruiters contact information.

Paragraph 2:

This paragraph should explain your capabilities and the reason why you are perfect for the given job profile. You can explain your last job profile along with work responsibilities that you held. Everything should be in brief as recruiter could view rest of the information in the resume.

Paragraph 3:

This space is used as the closer of the mail with the information that you have attached the resume in the mail. You can provide your contact number in this space as well so that recruiter can reach to you easily. It is also suggested to show some eagerness to hear from them.

Attach Resume:

You can attach your resume using attach file option in the mailbox. It is suggested to save the file name with your name and job title. It makes sure that recruiter does not miss your resume among many applicants. Your name on the file name would make it easy for the recruiter to search and save the file.

Email Signature:

You can include your email signature with full name and contact number on which you are always available. You can give two contact numbers if in case one number is not reachable than the recruiter can call you on the second number. It gives a sign of responsibility and passion for working in their company.

An Example of Email Message:

Hi Sir/Madam

I read your post about the Research Analyst profile on Indeed and I am interested in working on this profile in your organization.

I have done MBA in the research field and currently working as Associate Research Analyst for XYZ organization from past 2 years.

In the current profile, I have worked on different research projects with many clients. My current responsibilities are making research reports using primary research and secondary research. I also interact with clients to update weekly report.

I have also attached my resume. You can contact me if you need more information. I  look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks & Regards,
Suresh Malhotra
(Phone number - 9578954526)

The basic point is that mail should be in simple language and easily understandable. The person should not need to read anything twice to get the right information. Everything should be in front and easily trackable by the recruiter.

Key points to avoid in the mail:

  • You should never use casual language in job application mail. This gives the very wrong impression to the hiring person. It shows that you are not serious for the job.
  • Never get personal with the recruiter. It is suggested to not use the dear word for them.
  • You should use the proper English language with correct grammar as this mail gives an overview of your communication skills. If a recruiter finds grammatical mistakes in the mail itself than it gives a negative sign to them.
  • It is good to give the information but providing excess information in the first place is also not good. You should not explain the reason to switch on the mail or any bad experience with the previous company on the application mail. You can share all these information during the personal interview or until they ask specifically.
  • Never send email without a subject line. A recruiter gets many emails in a day so specification of the mail is very important.
  • Never use an out-dated resume. Different job profiles need a different style of resume. Similarly, different companies may need a different pattern of resume. It is always suggested to make few changes according to profile and company to give a good impression through your resume.
  • Never send the email without thanking the person. The closer of the mail should always be polite and thankful. It gives a good impression that the applicant is genuine and has good behavior.