Distance Education PhD - Not A Valid Degree For Appointment of Teachers

Are you considering doing your Ph.D through distance education?

If yes, then this NEWS is for you.

Recently on March 17, UGC has issued a circular which says, only full-time and part-time Ph.D programs will be treated as a valid degree program.

That means Ph.D through distance education mode is no more a valid degree from now on.

It is also mentioned in the circular that UGC has also changed the regulations for minimum qualifications for appointment of teachers and other academic staff in universities.

Now if you want to apply for a teaching or academic job in a university, you have to complete a Ph.D degree through part-time or full-time mode.

Further, UGC also mentioned in their circular that Universities also make the information on Ph.Ds received by their staff/students, with the mode of study, public on their website.

Universities and colleges are also asked to provide the information to UGC at the earlier.

It has been noticed that most universities are only offering full-time and part-time Ph.D degree program. There are only a few open universities like IGNOU, YCMOU etc are offering a Ph.D programme through distance education mode.

The circular has put a question mark on the future of more than 10,000 students who are pursuing their Ph.D through distance learning mode across the country.

We're assuming that now IGNOU and other universities which are offering Ph.D through distance learning mode will change it to part-time or full-time mode. Although there is no official announcement from any university on the subject.

Students who are already pursuing their Ph.D through distance learning can contact their respected university for more information on the subject. We are also expecting a more clear picture from UGC in near future.