BVDU MBA Courses in Marketing, Finance, Operations

Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University offers MBA programs which helps the students to enhance their management skills and employ the essential tools which are required in order to survive in today’s competitive world.

The program prepares the students to be able to take up responsibilities as a leader and as a team comrade. The mission is to increase the skills of a student so that they can add value to the business organisation they join and undertake a substantial role as an employee.

The development of strategies that are customer focused is also important on the part of a student who wants to be a manager. The students should be all ready to become the harbingers of change and then operate as the action focused analyst.

The application of innovative Information Technology strategies to tackle technical issues and performance of the managerial functions in an ethically responsible way in the society are two of the other objectives of this problem.

These not only apply in a national context but also strive to prepare a student to handle the functions assigned in the global community.

Eligibility Criteria:

Each specialization offered by Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University in the field of MBA is of two year duration.

To enroll for the distance learning MBA program in any specialization mentioned below, a candidate should be a graduate with Bachelor or Master degree of any discipline with a score of at least 50 percent in the aggregate. This number goes down to 45 percent in the case of SC/ST candidates coming from a recognized university. Aggregate will contain the grand total marks scored by a student in all the subject.

The students who are still in their final year be it for the completion of Bachelors or Masters degree can also apply for the MBA program. But the admission of the students will be on the provisional basis unless the required certificates are submitted to the educational institute.

The last date of submission of all the original documents will be notified on the university website and should be adhered to. The eligibility criteria will hence not be granted and the admission of the candidate will stand cancelled.

Another requirement to obtain a seat in the institution is that the candidate should be an Indian National. The final admission of the candidate will be only based on merit in the form of the All India Entrance Test (B-MAT) which is conducted by the University situated in Pune. The International students can also pursue a course or program of their choice based on a different admission procedure mentioned on the official website.

MBA from Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University offers the following specialization to a student:

  • Specialization in Marketing: The motive of this specialization which caters to the field of marketing in the Masters of Business Administration is to up shoot the knowledge and develop the required skills of the professionals who wish to work in the field of marketing, public relations and advertising. It aims at increasing the expertise and sophistication in relation to marketing decisions and hence prepare the candidates to take up advanced level education. The course is specifically designed to provide students with concept based framework about the field and teach them tools to meet the challenging corporate world. Students can then step out as professionals in the marketplace and strive to make their company’s business profitable. A whole gamut of marketing strategy concepts and theoretical topics are dealt with in order to impart education about the domain’s foundation.
  • Specialization in Finance: The financial market that exists in today’s date runs on high risk factor. While the trade-off between risk and the returns expected involves placing high value on time and money, it also asks for strong decision making managers to take up the responsibility who will value cash flow. This also involves employing financial tools and techniques to add and maximize the value to a business by enhancing the decision making process which can be used to help firms maximize value by improving decisions relating to capital investments into the important areas in finance which the financial experts should ideally know. Development of basic analytical skills and the theoretical principles of corporate finance to apply them to the real world issues using the case studies is the one of the main focus of MBA in finance. The students are specially provided training to assess the financial alternatives The course develops the basic analytical skills and principles of corporate finance and applies them to real-world problems using case analyses. Students are trained to evaluate financing alternatives and be an active participant when it comes to planning a company’s performance in the future in order to check the investment projects and hence choose a good financial mix.
  • Specialization in Operations and Production: The course given an insight about the issues pertaining to operations which the manufactures and service providers commonly face. All the decisions which are related to the supply chain mechanism and delivery of services charge up the futuristic competitiveness of the organization and thus have a compelling impact on the capacity of operations.provides an overview of the most important operational issues faced by service providers and manufacturers. Decisions related to the supply of goods and services greatly influence the long term competitiveness of an organization. The course spreads its wings to bring about a tangible change in the world of the producers and a tangible transformation of the intangibles which are linked to the service providers.

How To Take Admission

Admissions can be taken directly or through EduKart. It is recommended that you prefer to take admissions through companies like EduKart because they provide free counselling and hassle free enrollment process. You can take admissions online and also can submit your payments using debit or credit card.