IMT One Year Online Executive MBA (Distance Education)

Working professionals need more specialized MBA programme to enhance their skills which the traditional MBA may not provide. Traditional MBA is good for those who're freshers and want to learn ins & outs about how business run. IMT one year Post Graduate Executive Diploma in Management (Online Executive MBA) is specially designed for people looking to looking to take on larger critical roles in their organizations and businesses.

The One year executive programme is more focused on experiential learning. People are taught through real life business cases, role plays and experience sharing. Only people with minimum 3 years of full time working experience can join this programme. This gives a unique opportunity to all the people who joins this program to learn from each others experience.

It is a balanced executive MBA programme which gives you an opportunity to continue your job while studying. IMT Online Executive MBA content has been designed keeping the current industry insights in mind. People who joins this program learn latest things in their industry and develop skills to handle any kind of situation where management skills are required.

You may be hired for a particular position in your organization but you may required to handle multiple roles, that means you do multitasking without compromising your work for which you're hired. This program enables you to enhance your skills in a particular field e.g Marketing, Finance, Operation, Human Resource, Information technology so that you become master in your area and can take out time for other works as well that has been assigned to you.

Key Objectives of the program:

  • To make you specialized in specific functional domain.
  • To improve your skills in key functional areas of management.
  • To improve your decision making skills in real life business scenario by giving you knowledge through case studies.
  • To make you learn from your industry insights and enable you to implement the strategies in real life business scenario.
  • To enhance your professional skills like decision making, planning, implementation, presentation etc.

Eligibility Criteria

You need to fulfill the following two criteria to be eligible for admission into IMT one year Online Executive MBA program.

  • Must be a graduate
  • Must have minimum 3 years of full time working experience

If you do not meet any of the above 2 criteria, you may not get admission.

Structure of One Year Post Graduate Executive Diploma in Management (Executive MBA):

The one year course is divided into 5 terms.You will study 9 core courses and 2 electives based on your specialization. In last term you've to prepare a thesis based on the concepts you learned during the programme.

How the programme will be delivered

This will be a 100% online program. Although for admission you may collect Information and Prospectus from centers and Head Office. Admission will be finalized by Headquarters only.

Classes will be given online through Direct to Desktop model. Students may attend classes from anywhere using their device. All classes will be conducted  directly from IMT distance learning Head Office in Ghaziabad.

All assignment & exams also conducted online.

Available Specializations

The following specializations are available for students who want to take admission into IMT online executive MBA program.
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Systems
  • Operations Management

Fee Structure

Total fee of this one year Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Executive) is INR 60,000 which can be paid in two installments on INR 30,000. The first installment will be given at the time of admission and the second one will be given after 6 months. Study material would be sent only after the fee has been deposited. You are required to pay the fee on time as falilure would result in cancellation of admission. There will be no reminder about the fee.

Payment can be made through DD or using online payment facility available on IMT official website.

For more information you may visit IMT official website.