Highest Paying Jobs in India after MBA

Highest Paying Jobs in India After MBA
Have you recently done your MBA and want to know what are the highest paying jobs in India after MBA? Masters in Business Administration is among the popular course that is being undertaken by masses. It is a degree in business that enriches your knowledge in business administration field. In short you will be master of the most prestigious degree globally. You will be looked upon with a separate standard after availing this degree. Today Gaining education is done for two reasons: Firstly to gain knowledge and secondly to earn high remuneration.

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It provides you with a better position in management ad also ensures that the opportunity of marketability is gained by you in the growing market. Earning a high remuneration solely depends upon the job you undertake and the institute that you had selected to finish your MBA. A recent survey had proved that the fame of institute had a big role to play in the type of job you will pocket in future. A student who had enrolled himself in the best institute may expect to earn somewhere Rs. 8,00,000 to 25,00,000 annually as a fresher. Normally the amount decreases with the decrease grade of the institute that you select to graduate. There are many institutes that ensures placement after the completion of graduate course.

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MBA Graduates job prospects

Business sector is the common area where one work after completion of the degree. The large corporations are always interested in hiring MBA graduates. In certain cases some of the aspirants are seen to work for not so large corporation or even for NGO’s depending upon their requirement, placement and above all dependent upon the institute from where you have done your degree course. A large part of such students are even seen being involved in entrepreneurship. Working as a consulting representative is also the common option which students often opts for. Salary may be different for different aspirants but the opportunity and encomium of an MBA student is always higher than those who had not conducted it in any organization. Options in the counterpart of an MBA are enormous. Few poplar ones are stated as below:
  1. Position of CEO or even CIO- an experience of 7 or more years is necessary to attain this job. Salary for this portfolio starts from Rs.2,40,000 monthly.
  2. Position of Business Manager- experience of 2 years is a compulsion for this profile. One could expect Rs.45,000-90,000 monthly from this job.
  3. Accountant- you need to work as junior accountant for at least a year or you need to have special degree for this. One could expect 35,000-85,000 monthly .
  4. Credit Analyst is another demanding position- this is another demanding job which could fetch at least Rs.55,000-80,000 monthly but you should have minimum 5 years experience in the related field.
  5. Placement as Executive recruiter- even a fresher could apply for it and the pay pack for this profile varies with the company you choose.
  6. Management consultant or Analyst is also one of the popular job that an MBA looks for but you need to have at least an experience of 8 years in this field. One could earn approx Rs.45,000-80,000 monthly here.
  7. Advertising executive- experience may or may not require here and earning is completely dependent upon the company and your efficiency. 
  8. PR Specialist is another such job- one cannot be specialist without experience as degree alone cannot teach all. Earn experience and then you can grab at least Rs.50,000 a month.
  9. Various companies hire them as Financial analyst or financial manager- this position is easily available in the market for both fresher's and experience and could pocket you with Rs.40,000-50,000.
  10. Marketing jobs as marketing manager, analysts and MD is also the most suitable and preferred jobs for MBA’S. This is one of the common job which is applied by these graduates and provide sufficient amount to survive.
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These suggestions are not the only opportunities that an MBA could have. He can also go for other professional courses with MBA or after it. JD/MBA, MBA/MPP, MBA/MD, MBA/LLM are among the common and popular combination that one could choose. Financial assistance, interdisciplinary strength with considerable amount of time is what you need to opt for extra courses after MBA.

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This course could be regard as the most versatile degree which has limitless career option. You could explore the wings of your dream to any extend as sky is the only limit. It ensures that you are likely to provide toughest competition to other educated masses around you.

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