Why Should Working Professional Choose Distance Education MBA?

Distance Education MBA
Regular MBA Vs Distance Education MBA is a never ending debate among MBA aspirants. Regular MBA courses offered by IIM’s, XLRI, FMS, Symbiosis Pune, IMT Ghaziabad are very popular among fresh graduates. On the other hand working professionals prefer to join a distance education MBA course from universities & institutes like IGNOU, IMT Ghaziabad, AnnamalaiUniversity, ICFAI, Sikkim Manipal University, Symbiosis Center for DistanceLearning. We also suggest working professionals should choose a distance learning MBA program over a regular one, the reasons are as follows.

Why Distance Education MBA?

Earn While You learn:

To get admission in a regular MBA program, someone has to quit its job. On the other hand working professionals can get admission into any distance learning MBA course without leaving their jobs. Now a day’s most of the top universities in India offering distance education courses. If you want to earn a higher education degree to enhance your career, you can join anyof these universities. Generally a MBA course takes minimum 2 years to complete, if you join a MBA programme in distance learning mode, after 2 years you can take a degree & a salary of two years together at home.

Grow Your Experience & Education Together:

To secure a higher position in any organization experience is equally important as education. People with a professional post graduate degree with good experience gets promotion early compare to those who just has experience and no professional degree. A distance education MBA programme enables you to continue your job while you’re upgrading your professional education. When a working professional completes a professional distance education course, he not only gets a degree but also a 2 years working experience.

Learn and Implement at a Same Time

A distance education MBA programme enables working professionals to implement management tactics that they learn in distance MBA programme into their day to day professional life. Students co-relate the things that they learn easily with their day to day tasks and understand the things better. On the other hand people who join a regular MBA programme don’t get a chance to implement the things they learn.

Study at a Time Convenient to you

In a distance learning MBA programme, university runs classes on weekends. Students also get an access to online study material which consists of video lectures, e-library, and magazines. Working professionals take the advantage of both of these and can study at the time they’re convenient with during working days. Using the internet someone can access the study material on the go. Universities also offer PCP (Personal Contact Program) which is a one on one kind of session between faculties & students to clear student’s doubts. These are generally run on weekends.

Pocket Friendly Fee Structure

Unlike a regular MBA programme where someone has to pay a higher fee to get a degree, distance learning courses are quite pocket friendly. Courses offered by open universities like IGNOU are very cheap and almost anyone can afford them very easily. You also get a chance to appear into scholarship programs to get scholarship to pursue your education.