India Need Open Learning With Vocational Training To Ace Unemployment

One of the latest survey conducted by Labour Bureau said that One out of every three persons in the age group 15 to 29 years is unemployed. The major thing that also been found in the survey is, these people have at least a graduation degree. After reading to this survey i was really shocked & this news triggers me to write a detailed post on this and a solution to fight this situation. So in this post i'll share my views on this situation & will also share a possible solution for this.

It was the "Third Annual Employment & Unemployment Survey 2012-13" which was conducted by labour bureau. The survey also bring an interesting fact into the light that unemployment rate among uneducated people is lower than among educated people. Only 3.7% people who are uneducated found unemployed between the age group of 15-29.

Educated people between the age group of 15-29, living in rural areas have the highest unemployment rate in the country. 36.6% of such people found unemployed. In urban areas people in the same age group has only 26.5% unemployment rate.

Maximum people who found employed in the age group of 15-29 were either self-employed or casual workers. That means in the said age group people hardly have a government job or a good private job which is a big concern and need to be fix.

The visible reason of this problem could be seen as economy slowdown but the bitter truth is we don't have skilled people who can meet the criteria of a job available in private sector.

It's true we have a limited jobs in private sector but despite of higher number of unemployed people, these companies are struggling to find a right talent to fill the job vacancy.

Our government is spending crores on education every year, hundreds of new colleges are being open every year to improve the employment rate but is that really working out. This is the time when India need a education system which should be cheaper compare to traditional system, it should hybrid that can develop basic skills among the youth & can also provide them a platform where they can develop skills in them for the available jobs in the market.

According to me this can be achieved with Distance & Open Learning with Vocational Training. The colleges are worthless if the education which is being provided to the student is unable to develop required skill set which is required to secure a job in modern scenario. In recent pas i've seen a good move in open education system where universities are focusing more on vocational courses. Government need to promote these courses in the rural & urban areas with the help of corporate. The courses should be designed keeping the jobs in mind which are  available in the market.

We have 13 State Open universities, One world's largest open university i.e IGNOU and many other dual mode universities which offer distance education. If use our entire open education system effectively to provide vocational courses in think we will be able to cut down the unemployment rate to a good extend.