Online PHD Programs Offerd by Top Universities

Online PDH Programs
The trend of Online PhD is rapidly growing in market due to restricted time limit, and increased demand for experience as well as qualifications. The flexibility behind the idea of online learning and distance education schemes is yet another root cause for the success of these trends. PhD programs normally take about 6 years to complete, and students are required to write a dissertation as per the requirement of successful completion. This makes it a tough choice as a regular course. Many universities around the world are offering the facilities of online doctorate programs today. One may find a variety of programs to meet his academic goals. If you are one of those who are employed in a reputed business, and you cannot take a break to complete your doctorate, then Online PhD is the only option left for you. Programs offered online provide equal educational opportunities to all the students. You are independent to access your class and other resources at any time, from any place, with just an internet connection. You are even empowered to communicate with your class mates, and college faculties to discuss important points. Online PhD thus offers multiple advantages to enhance your professional degree, and gain a competitive advantage over your company mates.
Requirements for a PhD Program.

Online PhD programs normally have the same requirements as traditional PhD programs offered in different universities. Students must have at least a Master’s degree before getting enrolled in any PhD program. Few of the programs even require master in a particular field, for example, to pursue PhD in Computer Science, you would need a master’s degree in Computer Science, IT, Networking, or any other such field. To get selected in the merit list, a student needs a letter of recommendation from the university where he pursued his master’s, and GRE and GMAT scores. 

Top Online PhD Programs Offered by Best Universities

Walden University

Walden is one of the largest providers of online PhD programs, and provides the degrees varying over 30 fields like Psychology, Counseling, Criminal Justice, etc. Visit this link to know more:

Capella University

Capella offers various doctorate courses in the fields of Educational Administration (for students who want to excel in their respective education in the field of administration), IT Management (a balanced study of advance management theories and practicing with key information technology and delivery strategies), and Social Work (to prepare the students to lead social programs), advocate for social justice and public changes, and impart their knowledge the next generation social workers). Visit this link for more info:

Northcentral University

Various doctorate programs are offered in Business Administration, a program suitable for current, and potential business leaders to improve their knowledge, and concepts for a better leadership role in business and administration, Doctorate in Education, to provide valuable course work essential for the successful educational professionals of today, and a PhD in Public Administration which focusses on research operations related to government and public agency budgeting, government relations, public personnel policy management, political systems, and urban planning. Visit this link for more info:

University of the Rockies

The University offers exciting doctorate courses like Criminology (to prepare the students become an expert in criminal behavior psychology), Educational Psychology (enabling the students to learn how to apply the theoretical and practical psychology to organizational environments), Organizational Development (to evaluate the diversity in organizations), and Sports Psychology (to help people enhance human performances using advanced psychological strategies and tools). Visit this link for more info:

University of Liverpool

The Liverpool University offers doctorate degree in Business Administration, designed specifically for individuals who are pursuing a professional career. It features learning, and research modules which challenge the students, helping them reflect on their attributes, and biases on decision making strengths. The basic aim is to help improve the knowledge, and crisis management. Visit this link for more info:

Grand Canyon University

The University offers Doctor of Education program, providing student numerous educational avenues to explore. It helps students take innovative paths in the research methodology, leadership models, and curriculum development. Visit this link for more info:

University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix provides doctorate programs in the fields of Business Administration, Management, MIS Program, Education, and Health Administration. Visit this link for more info:

The above mentioned list of top Universities offering online PhD programs has been taken considering global students. Although you may consider your local universities as well to pursue these courses. Many open universities like IGNOU also offer such online PhD courses.