Interview Question Answer: Why Do You Want To Join Our Organization

Today we're writing about the possible answer for popular interview question "Why do you want to join our organization". In my personal experience all big organizations do ask this question to almost every interviewee in a job interview. The reason HR ask this question is simple, they want to judge the reason candidate is seeking employment in that organization. HR executive prefer to hire candidate who possess the skills which are required for the position available & should be ready to give a long term uninterrupted services to the company.

The common mistake people do while answering to this question is that they simply tells that they want to join this organization just to get a better salary, believe me this is the biggest mistake they do. Never ever say it directly; although most of the people switch their job because of salary reason but while answering to this question saying this reason should be avoided rather show them that after joining the organization it will be a win-win deal for both company & candidate. You should answer this question in such a way that shows that if you join the organization it will be mutually benefited to the growth of organization & the company.

There is no one liner answer to this question because it depends on situation to situation & also depends if the candidate is fresher or a experienced one.

For fresher candidate an answer to this question could be like...

" I want to join this organization because it will give a platform where i can implement the skills & knowledge i acquired from my education & internship as well as it will give me a chance to learn from my seniors & implements the learning in the betterment of the organization. This will be my first job and that's the reason i want to work in a organization where i can work for a longer period so that my career profile could be impressive. i think your organization would be the best place to work in."

In the above example you can see i've tried to answer the question in a tricky way that say the candidate wants to join the organization because it will be mutually benefited for the growth of each other & the candidate also looking for a long term relationship with the organization.

For an experienced candidate an answer to this question could be like this...

"I want to join this organization because i find this role really interesting & challenging too. I'm having X years of experience in the similar kind of work & i'm quite sure that the skills that i've acquired from my current organization & past experience will help me do this work very effectively. As i'm an experienced candidate in the similar field so i'm looking for an organization with long term commitment. i think your organization will be the best place to work, i'm sure i'll also learn & improve my skills if got a chance to work for your organization."

being an experienced candidate you should show how you think joining the organization will be mutually helpful for both of them. how do you think you can contribute for the growth of the organization & why you're the best candidate for this role. Always keep in mind organizations look for a candidate who possess the skills required for the profile & should be ready for a long term commitment.

I hope the article will help you prepare your answer for this question & will help you answer this question in a better way. If you've a good answer to this question in find feel free to share will us by filling our contact us form.