How to Prepare For A Job Interview | Tips on Interview Preparation

interview preparation
Interview Preparation
A face to face interview is the place where you actually shows your aptitude & impress your interviewer with your knowledge & ability. In our last post we had published some job interview etiquette that you must show  during the interview & now in our today's post we're gonna tell the some secrets on how to prepare for a job interview.

Below are some tips which will help you preparing for the interview, i.e what to prepare, what to wear & what to carry to the interview venue.

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Know about the job

It's advisable that you must analyze what your prospective employer is looking for. To know about the job, we'll recommend you to go through the job description completely & take out some main points from there which you think employer is stressing on.  Once you get those points try to relate your experience, job profile & personality with them. Try to show what employer is looking for in a candidate.

Research the company

Every employer expect from the candidate that he/she must go through the company profile & background before coming to the interview. They also expect that the candidate should know about company future plans & goals in advance before he reach the venue. Be ready will all the information before you reach the reception & also be ready to talk in depth about the industry, the organization, and the position you are applying for.

Practice the frequently asked interview questions

No one can judge what questions may come your way during the job interview but still there are some questions which an interviewer frequently asked to the interviewee. we advice you to be prepare with those questions in advance. we've already published a details post on frequently asked interview questions with answers, you may go through the same. Find some more interview questions here.

Look Professional

It's an old but true saying that first impression is the last impression. When you go out for an interview you should look smart yet professional. Be prepare with a dress for an interview & you can carry the same all the time. We advice you to wear formal wears. if you're a lady must carry a light makeup with few accessories.

What to bring & what to not

There are few things that you must carry to the interview venue i.e extra copies of your resume, a beautiful pen & a dairy. You can also take your laptop or tablet to the venue but never carry a mug, soda bottle etc. Don't forget to switched off your mobile phone as you enter the venue.

Get the directions in advance

To reach the venue on time you must know the directions in advance. You can take the help of Google Maps for such facility. it will not only give you the right direction but also give you an idea how much time would it take to reach the place. We advice you to reach at least 15 minutes before the given time so that so can be calm & relaxed.

Prepare questions that you want to ask to the interviewer 

It's not that only interviewer can ask questions in a job interview. You should also ask questions during & after the interview & clear the doubts that you have. Ask them the growth path & understand the job responsibilities but keep in mind that you should never ask about money during the first round of interview.

Practice Interview Etiquette

As we've mentioned above that we've published some Interview Etiquette in our last post. We advice our blog readers to read those etiquette & practice the same before you go for an interview. Believe me showing the right etiquette is utterly important to leave a good impression & win the trust of the HR person.

Hope the above tips will help you prepare for the interview. If you've any question in mind feel free to ask us, we're always there to help you. All the best.