LPU e-Connect : Distance Education e-Learning Portal

Lovely Professional University (LPU) distance education portal known as e-connect, brings Students, Study Centres and the University even more closer. It's a 24x7 available portal helps students to learn at the time they prefer. Each student enrolls in Lovely Professional University distance education courses gets a username & password to access to this e-learning portal. They portal, e-connect, supports all the courses offered by the university.

Benefits of LPU e-Connects

  • 24x7 accessibility
  • Enables students to learn at the time they want
  • Build connection between Students, Study Centres and the University
  • Enhance teaching-learning experience
  • Cater to different academics and administrative requirements
  • Gives students a class room like feeling
  • Provides Personalized Learning environment
The portal can be access from the following link https://ums.lpu.in/econnect/

Some Features of e-Connect

Lovely Professional university e-learning portal has the following features.

  • e-Resources
  • e-Communication
  • e-Tests
  • Course Connect
  • Exams Connect
  • My Account
  • Chat
  • Forum
  • Grievance Cell
  • Feedback
  • Contact Details
All of the above mentioned feature make it very easy for students to learn & communicate with faculty members & administrative department of the university. Students can also discuss any topic in the forum or can chat with faculty on various academic issues. e-tests evaluates students & provide result on spot, which makes no waiting time for the result. Grievance cell help student to share their grievance & build a strong relation with university. Above all you can share your feedback with university which helps university to improve the system.