7 Reasons That Indicate The Right Time To Change Job

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
If you're one of them who is planning to change your current job and in dilemma if It's the right time to change job or not, you're not alone. Almost every one who is working somewhere comes across to the similar situation in his life at least once. There could be numerous reasons that could make you think about quitting your job and move on.

In our today's post we'll try to mention few common reasons when you should start searching for a new job.

1. Your Pay

I hope you must be agree with me that everybody works for money. Money is the prime reason people switch jobs and it's apply to all of us. If you think you're underpaid and there are good opportunities in the market for the same profile you're currently working on you should consider to move on. Although as per HR gurus quitting over a lack of money is rarely the best decision. If there are other factors to consider, include those in the decision. But if it's all about the Benjamin, find another way to get what you want.

2. Not Getting Your Salary On Time

Many a times it has been seen people not get their salaries on time. Many companies don't have a fix date to issue checks. If you're one of them who is not receiving your salary on time and this thing is disturbing your life quitting your job could be the right decision. But keep one thing in mind it should not be the prime decision to change your job until it's not effecting your monthly budgeting.

3. No Promotion

If you're a deserving candidate (be honest with you) and not getting promotions because of company politics or your bad relations with your boss. It is the right time for you to change job. Every body need promotion & growth, if you're not getting that you should seek opportunities in market.

4. Your Company Is Not Doing Well In The Market

If your company is no more a top performer in the market, do the same with it as it might have done with you when you would've been not doing well in the company. Everyone loves performers, no body loves losers so if you think 

5. Your Learning Curve Is Stagnant

Think about the learning curve you experienced when you started your current job. I'm quite sure you must have been experienced a great time in your current job initially and now after doing the same task daily in your routine work you must have become a master of them. If you think your learning grapgh is going down with experience it is the time to think about a new job.

6. Your Job No More Excite You

People perform better when their work excite them. Almost all big brands do a lot to make their work place   challenging & exciting for their employees and do a lot more to make organization a fun place to work. But if this is not a situation with you its a right time to change job.

7. You've A Better Offer

Who doesn't want a hike in salary & position. If you've got a better offer from your competitor or from the company you always want to work with, should always be welcome. If you want to grow your career you should never miss an opportunity because you must have heard a popular saying that " Opportunity Knocks Only Once At Door".