Why MBA In Marketing Still A Top Pick Among MBA Aspirants

MBA Marketing

Business need a good brand image in the market to become successful & this is not possible without a good Marketing Manager. MBA in Marketing is one of the most preferred MBA specialization among management students because it gives better career opportunities compare to other available specializations.

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Even though there are various MBA specializations are available and some new are being introduce every year but still MBA in marketing is the top pick among aspirants. In our today's post we're gonna find out why MBA in Marketing rocks.

Recession Proof

This may sound interesting, how a specialization can save your job from recession? Well that's true. It has been seen companies increase their marketing budget in recession so that they can save their brand image. To save any business from recession good marketing campaigns are required and those are not possible without a good marketing manager.

Better Salary

According to a website PayScale.com, MBA's with marketing specialization got a better salary compare to many other business graduate in India.

MBA Salary

Job Opportunities

MBA's with marketing specialization are the top choice of HR managers. It has been seen they get more job offers than many other business graduate. based on a report published by economics times 21% of total job were offered to Sales & Marketing students in IIM, which was the 3rd highest after finance & consulting jobs.

Career Options

MBA in Marketing has a better scope in the market compare to many other specialization. Where some of the MBA specializations narrow the available career options, a degree in marketing gives you a bounce of career options to choose from. Some of them are as follows.
  • Marketing Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Sales Manager
  • Media Planning
  • Product Management
  • Internet Marketing

Apart from the above listed benefits the specialization also helps to groom your personality. Every day you get a chance to be innovative and that reflects in your personality. It has been seen marketing people climb the career ladder faster compare to others.