Seven Things to Avoid Saying During a Job Interview

Job market is getting more competitive now a days and HR managers are looking beyond than your experience & qualification. Sometime a small comment can make you away from getting your dream job. Interviewee must be very alert while making a comment during the interview & should avoid asking ill-planned questions in a job interview.

I've heard many such incidents where job seeker had answered a question in a very funny manner. I still remember about an incident when i asked " why you want to join this company" to one of the candidate i was interviewing & he replied that his friend said to him "It is a good company".

I personally believe discussing about cast, religion & your political view is a bad practice and should be avoided during an interview.

Below are the 5 things that some should avoid.

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Poor Handshake

Your body language speaks about you. When you do a handshake with someone you simply pass a message about your personality. Doing Handshake considered to be a good practice when you first meet your interviewer. Never give a limp hand because it gives the impression of disinterest or weakness, always do a confident handshake.

My Current Employer Sucks

We've seen to get a job many candidate start speaking bad about their current employer & start giving it a reason about to change their current job. It's strongly recommended " Don't do this". Talking bad about your boss gives a negative feedback about your personality to your interviewer.

Asking about leave and sickness policy

Yes, it's your right to know about company's leave and sickness policy but this thing should be avoided during the first round of interview. It's ok when you asked this question when you win over the confidence of HR on you.

Avoid Picking Phone Calls

I've seen many candidates don't put there phone on silent during the interview session & even don't mind picking the calls. Believe me it shows that you're not interested in the job or you just don't care.

Sorry I'm Late

Showing up late in an interview may put you in difficult condition & when you say sorry! I'm late you go to even worse conditions. First impression is the last impression, Make sure you reach the venue on time and even if you're late, don't say sorry for it because by doing so you're catching the attention of your interviewer towards your late coming.

Never Say I'll Try

Many a times to judge your confidence interviewer do ask a question like "Can you also do XYZ work also". I've seen many candidate gives a one line answer "I'll Try". Newer give this answer because it shows you're not confident rather you say yes, i can do it.

I Didn't get time to go through your website

When you'll be asked "what do you know about the company" never say i didn't get time to go through your website. Always go prepare for the interview. HR manager expect from the candidate that he should go through the company website and read about it before coming to an interview.