Most Sought After Post MBA Career Options (Jobs)

Since past decade, MBA has emerged as a most sought after career option among students. Growing number of MBA jobs has given a boost to the demand for MBA programs. To in cash this demand, plenty of MBA colleges has entered into the market. When a student decides to do an MBA program the first challenge that comes to his way is: which B-School to join & when he completed his MBA degree the second challenge come to choose the right career option after MBA. There are plenty of career options available post MBA but everybody wants to join a career which is in demand, can give him the best salary, can get his time to managing his family.

Top career options for MBA's

Following are the most preferred career options among students after MBA.

Database Administrator:

A database administrator is a person who is responsible for maintaining databases serves in a company. If you've done your MBA in the field of IT & wants to become an IT consultant, a career in database administrator is the best career option for you after MBA. A database administrator with an M.B.A. has a greater understanding of how her role in building and maintaining databases serves the company at large.

Management Consulting

Strategy consulting is one of the most sought after career option after MBA. There're plenty of high paying jobs are available in management consulting. If you're among one of them who is planning to take consulting as your career option you must have to learn how the industry works and how/where/if you can fit in.

Investment Banking

Investment banking is one of the oldest & most preferred career options among MBA aspirants. The role of an Investment Banker in an organization is to raise capital and advises others on acquisitions. It's a high-pressure job but the salary you'll be drawing from this job will justify the pressure.

HR Specialist

Increasing demand of skilled employees has raised the demand of HR specialist in the market. Organizations prefer to hire an HR professional who has a PG degree like MBA. Top employers usually pay very high for a senior HR profile because the productivity of an employee directly affects the success of an organization.

Online Media Specialist 

As all the business are going online, sustaining the success of an organization is turning towards how a business showcase itself on the internet. If your business has an online presence and nobody is aware of it then you should realize you're going to a wrong direction. An online media specialist is responsible for SEO, SMO & Online advertising of your organization. Almost all the top organization are hiring in-house online media experts.


Entrepreneurship is still the hottest career option among MBA's. Despite highly paid jobs available in the market, people prefer to start their own business. If you have got a great idea and have the courage to go beyond  a 9 to 6 job Entrepreneurship is the right choice for you. There're n number of examples in each sector where MBA's has started a successful business just after completion of their course.

We truly hope this article would have given you some idea about the career options you could choose after completing your MBA. Since the use of internet has become more common in our day-to-day life, there are some more career options has been emerged that you may think of choosing over the conventional career options. You may look at those career options here.

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We all know a career in Marketing is an evergreen career option after MBA. You can choose Marketing as a career option without a second thought if you love to meet new people and has good communication skills.