5 Reasons Why Distance MBA is Boon for Working Professionals

There is a very famous saying "There is a wish there is a way" and the same applies on Distance Learning MBA. There are thousands of people who couldn't continue their education after graduation and join a job but still wants to pursue a post graduate degree program. For the people like these, universities which offers distance learning programs are like a boon. People can take an admission in their preferred post graduate degree program without hampering their present jobs. Most of the popular distance learning universities offers multiple modes of study i.e self study material, online classes, study centers etc.
As these Management programs are specially designed to help working professionals to step up in their career thus required some working experience to be eligible for them. These are the following reasons why distance MBA is boon for working professionals.

why distance mba

5 Reasons Why Distance Learning MBA

There are many reasons working people choose a distance MBA programs but the following 5 are the main reasons.

Take your career to next the level

In today's business world Just experience is not required to secure a higher position in any organisation. Now a days organizations wants some professional degree along with required skill sets. A distance mba helps working people to get a Management degree while working. Now a days universities design an management program keeping professionals in mind. Once you got a post graduate degree in management, it becomes easy to secure a higher position in your organization. Sometimes companies also sponsor their employees for higher study.

It's Affordable

Unlike a regular MBA program, a distance MBA program costs much lesser. Generally these programs consist of 4 to 6 semester based on different universities norms & cost approx 10,000 Indian rupees per semester in India.

Lateral Entry Option

Lateral entry is a facility to get an admission directly to 3rd semester if you already have a post graduate diploma in management. Lateral entry don't let your post graduate diploma unnoticed. This is a unique option which is not available when you do a regular MBA program and mostly offered by universities which offers distance MBA trough study centers.

Set your own study time table

When you do any distance learning program like MBA there is not a set timings for study. Universities provides a set of books for self learning in every semester & also offers online study materiel including recorded video lectures of renowned faculties. People can study either in the morning before going to the job or can study at nights whichever timings suits him.

Get into your favorite university

We all know how difficult it is to get into a top MBA institute for a regular MBA degree program but when it comes to join a distance MBA you can easily get an admission into your favorite institute or university like IIM, Symbiosis, ICFAI, Sikkim Manipal etc. Most of the top universities in India are offering distance learning programs in India.

No doubt a distance mba program is like last chance for working professionals to follow and make their dreams comes true. by various reasons people couldn't do higher studies but these kind of programs makes a platform available which makes securing a management degree easier for working professionals.